Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Creative "Something" Day Twenty-Seven

Brrrrr! It is veeeeery cold here today -- and rainy...just the kind of day to stay in, bundled up and sipping a hot cup of tea! That is exactly what I am going to do. I had three wonderful sections of classes yesterday -- but am so glad that I do not teach on Tuesdays and Thursdays...and that I work at home...cause I just don't want to get out in this mess today.

This card's background is created by doing a paper basket weave like I did to create this Christmas stocking out of Basic Grey's Figgy Pudding paper.
In order to make the stocking -- I created a 12 x 12 sheet of woven paper so to make the card I just did the same process in miniature.

Here are the instructions:

1 Cut scrap papers into twenty-four (24) .5" x 6" strips. Ink edges, if desired. (if doing a big background I recommend using 1" x 12" strips of paper)
2 Arrange 12 of the strips vertically along a piece of scrap cardstock and lightly tack just the top with removeable adhesive. This pattern works best if you alternate between lighter and darker strips of paper for nice contrast.
3 Arrange the other 12 strips in a similar pattern but horizontally. Taking the next strip, begin to "basket weave" it through the 12 vertical strips (going under and over each vertical strip with a horizontal one).
4 Repeat this process for all 12 strips until you get a full, woven, 6" x 6" (or 12" x 12") sheet.
5 Seal strips with Mod Podge and let dry for a few hours or until it is no longer tacky (you may apply two coats, if desired). I also misted with Glimmer Mist while the Mod Podge was wet to give it a bit of shimmer.
6 Once dry, flip project over and trace card pattern (or whatever shape you want) on the back of the cardstock sheet at an angle (so the basket weave is diagonal rather than straight across).
7 Cut out and embellish to your heart's content!


  1. Your daily art cards are inspiring! I admire your fortitude to keep your commitment! I petered out and did about 20! lol! Keep it up!

  2. thanks lady!!! : .)

    I just love this technique! I think I'll go thru my scraps RIGHT NOW and practice weaving!

    as always, I appreciate your sharing of your talent and your heart!!!


    oh, and I hope you don't mind, I linked to you on my blog...let me know if that's not copasetic!

  3. sorry, couldn't help it! hee!

    this is the "weaving" together of two of my favorite things, crafting and bacon. I wonder if I can incorporate this into a daily card using your technique and their ingredients!!! LOL!!!


    I hope you are feeling better!!!

    : .)


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