Monday, January 12, 2009

Creative "Something" Day Twelve

The idea for this little card came to me in the middle of the night -- seriously! I have been in the process of sorting through stuff to put together all kinds of yummy goodness for the ladies attending the crop on Saturday (there are a few seats left -- if you want to come -- just email me)...and I found some embellishments that my friend, Dana, and I came up with a year or so ago! I had some plastic table cloth material (from Walmart) -- you can buy it by the yard -- and it is fairly thick, but still pliable and totally clear. I do think they make a frosted version -- but for this technique you want to use the clear kind. We stamped with StazOn ink on one side -- and then painted in the back -- some with a fair amount of detail -- like this poppy -- and some totally simple. You really can do ANYTHING that is a stamp and has some open space in it for you to paint. When it trim close to the edge of the stamped image and place on your page. I think it would also work to trace a pattern that you like with a sharpie and then paint the back of it the same way you would if you had stamped. Fun ... and totally versatile -- because you pick the paint colors you can totally make it match whatever you need to go with your page.
School started today! I really wasn't prepared...I knew it was coming -- but the reality of walking into three classrooms -- with a total of 87 students was a bit overwhelming. Each semester the first few days are the hardest, because there are SOOO many faces and names to get to know. I instantly know the faces -- would recognize them on campus -- but I am SOOO bad with names. Always have been. My mom actually made me sit on the couch with a guy I had a date with rather than leaving because I couldn't tell her his last name...and I didn't want to ask him because I had known him for three years! I did finally figure it out by casually mentioning that I love to see people's driver's license pictures! Woo Hoo -- I thought I was pretty SMART! Hee it is thir--ehm years later -- and I still am not good with names!
Oh well...will work on it -- and by next week will be closer to knowing them. Hope you are having a great Monday....

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  1. Anonymous8:17 PM

    You are so funny! Quick thinking! I'm still giggling!


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