Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Creative "Something" Day Six

Just got this one in under the wire! It has been a crazy day here. Been working on getting ready for taping on Friday -- woo hoo (am super excited about the projects we are going to be doing!), working on technique classes for our All Day Crop on the 17th (for more information on attending CLICK HERE -- we still have a few spots left) and on top of it all being DETERMINED not to let the headache that this rainy weather brings stop me!
This card was a fun one. I learned a new technique that uses clear packing tape to transfer images....sounds hard right?!?!?! Well it isn't. All you need is something printed with INK (not from an inkjet printer) -- I found magazines -- old or new with shiny pages work really well...but really ANYTHING that is printed will do -- you just have to work with it a bit more. You also need packing tape and a shallow dish or pan with warm water. Here are the steps:
1. Put tape over the entire image that you want to transfer. If it is wider that your tape -- overlap the edges of the tape slightly.
2. Press and burnish the tape to make sure all creases or bubbles are out.
3. Trim the image leaving about a half an inch to spare around the edges of the tape. This gives you a bit of a handle to grab the backing when you are done soaking it.
4. Place warm water in your pan or dish and submerge the entire image (tape and all) into the water...let it soak for at least 2-3 minutes.
5. Grab the edge of the image and peel back the paper (the image will stick to the tape and the paper peel off). I found that with glossy paper the back comes of REALLY easily...if I used somewhat porous paper -- I had to rub the paper off the back under water. This takes a little more time to remove -- but is still very simple and leave ALL the ink behind.
Nothing is safe in my house anymore. I have done image transfers from old dictionary paper and sheet music, picture books, comic books, magazines (old and new) and postcards. They will be showing up soon on some pages. I just figured while I had the basin of water out I would do several images...and got a bit carried away! Go try it for yourself...I think you will have fun!
Happy Wednesday!

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