Monday, January 05, 2009

"Cheater Quilt" - Tutorial

the entire surface is kind of want to seal the muslin with paint... Here is the step by step:
1. Draw your pattern (maybe on scrap 12 x 12) and trace onto muslin with sharpie. (I knew I would add a picture at the end so created a "framed" space on my pattern)2. Stitch over as many of the lines as your sewing skills allow. Make sure your thread has cotton in it (not all polyester) so the stain will absorb.3. Paint with base color -- not much detail.4. Sand the entire a bit rough with it.5. Mix 2 parts burnt umber acrylic paint with one part water to make a will be goopy but don't be afraid of it.6. slop the brown mixture all over your nice prettily painted "quilt" -- wipe off excess...if it is too dark wet a paper towell and wipe off more -- if not dark enough throw some more paint on there.7. Let dry....then sand again.8. Add details and embellish with beads, buttons, pins, ribbon, paint or pen details.
Feel free to PM me if you have any questions....this is my first one -- but they are very fun -- so I would be happy to help if you want to make one.

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