Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Creative "Something" Day Thirteen

While "Seize the Day" is one of my all time favorite quotes -- probably because I have a tendency to get lost in the details -- and miss the splendor of the wonderfulness of the ENTIRE experience...I had to laugh when I saw THIS particular version of it...if only it were this simple!
Have a GREAT TUESDAY...and look for those "handles that are provided" and SEIZE THEM!

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  1. "day 13!"

    that rocks lady! every evening I think to myself, how much longer can I keep this up? something's gonna give (pessimist rears her annoying lil head!), buuuutttt I decided that's ok, I'll do them when I can and as often as I can because I like to. if it got to be a chore, then'd I'd have to stop!!! : .)

    you keep inspiring me with your techniques! (did I say that b/4?) so thanks, ma'am!!! I love it!


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