Sunday, November 01, 2009

Just a Minor Baby Step Blog

This year started out so strong -- so many creative ideas....that needed exploring....and then -- well....then LIFE -- the big ole capital letters version of LIFE stepped in. So much of it it...all at once...and then it felt lie it did a big ole DOG PILE on top of me.

Those of you that know me well -- know that being creative is an outlet for the stresses and the strains of life....and the fact that there hasn't been much creativity to show for the past few months should tell you that I have not been in a place to be doing much creativity. But I do truly Believe that is going to begin to change! I have been back in my studio -- bit by bit...and it feels GREAT.

I am taking a wonderful on line class from Julie Fen Fan Balzer. She is amazing Check her out here...and has gotten my inspirational brain in hopefully you will be seeing some more creative activity from me soon.

One other thing of very favorite camera producer...THE POLOROID...has a new printer/camera combination....but you can also just get the printer....which is what I am thinkint about doing. It will blue tooth pictures from your cell phone and print them out 2 x 3 -- with sticky backing. Great for scrapbooking! It also doesn't require ink...everything is in the paper you use. You have have to check these out! Of course you TOTALY maniacs will want the kind that is the camera AND printer all in one!

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