Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to thank all of you that have sent well wishes and congrats. We launched What You Make It last night and have had some emails from folks that were able to catch it...and a few that said they were unsure of the times...so I wanted to make sure I posted them here again.

Channel 31, Scottsville WPBM
Mondays - 6:30 pm
Thursdays - 2:00 pm (on Thanksgiving right before the 3:00 football game -- bet that will go over BIG! *smile*)
Saturday at 10:30 am

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and I will leave you with a few of the things I listed on my "blessings" list last night.

1. A loving family -- father, stepmom, sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew, fiance and future stepson.
2. A group of friends who are awesome and supportive
3. A brand new tv show that allows me to share my love of art, creativity and documentation with a whole new group of ladies.
4. A yard where deer show up each night and walk slowly down my driveway.
5. A porch, where on crisp mornings I can go and sip coffee and listen to the cows mooing.
6. A studio that is fun to walk into and inspires me lots of fun vintage goodies.
7. A great group of students at Cumberland University who have reminded me about being young and exploring life and all of its possibilities.
8. And of course, each of you.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.


  1. Thanks! Right back at ya! Doing some modge-podging and sure wish I could channel you or Dana. WAY out of my comfort zone!


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