Friday, November 16, 2007


Hello from Atlanta! I thought I was headed south -- but it is CHILLY here. Actually, winter is my favorite crisp cool air -- somehow clears my head and energizes me...but I came here a bit sporting a sweatshirt hoody (that I randomly threw in my suitcase) everywhere I go!

Guess I was thinking winter this week when I created this layout...when I looked at the yummy October Afternoon papers -- I thought they would work with some wintery pictures I have been want to to scrap...and this was the result. The frame is just some left over chipboard that I sewed one of the pieces of paper to -- and then cut a free form frame out and popped it up with some pieces of cardboard to give it some depth. I may have to do this again...I like how it turned out.

Well...What You Make It starts airing on Monday...I can barely believe it...and am totally excited (and a little nervous). Am so accustomed to teaching live classes where the ladies taking the classes give you feedback and ask questions -- and when I was taping the show it was just me and the cameras...a bit of a different feeling. But you know what -- my speech teacher used to tell us that when we were nervous to just imagine our audience in their underwear and you just couldn't stay nervous. While imagining the cameras in their underwear was just not the same...I DID imagine some of my students sitting out there and pretended I was just teaching a regular class...(although they were all fully clothed) -- and it worked! I know I will get more accustomed to it the more we I hope everyone will be patient -- and I will love the feedback. I am a student at heart -- and will listen to input carefully. I want What You Make It to be fun -- a place to try new things...and get a bit of inspiration for your own projects. So talk back to me...tell me what you want to see -- what you want to try...techniques that intrigue you. This show is for you...

Thanks for all my friends that have been cheering me on -- I couldn't do this without you...and I appreciate you very much. And I look forward to getting to know those of you in my viewing audience better. I am going to begin teaching at Scrapbook Village on a regular basis -- so it will give us some one on one time together. I will post my schedule here as soon as I am certain of it.

Have a great weekend...and see you next week!



  1. I miss you my friend and so excited to hear about your screen debut.... it sounds as if you are still very busy. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Oh my gosh, Jann!!! We (Tammy, Chelle, Nadene and me) are LOVING your picture!!! The cup of coffee, the cozy set - WE KNOW A TV STAR!!!!

  3. How exciting!!!! How can I see it? Where can I see it? When does it come on? Who will tape it for me? and What do I need to do to get it on my TV? I think that covers all the Who, what, where, when, hows.
    I'm truly excited for you and can't wait to find out what happens.

  4. a little bit of me being inspired by you...
    or a little bit of me having fun with you...

    (rip off a Craig Morgan Song)

  5. I had NO idea you were a scrap star! Holy moly! Very cool!

  6. such a delightful lo jann! happy thanksgiving to you! :D


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