Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Final Push

Before we begin taping on Friday...and hope to begin airing edited programs on Monday, November 19th. Our air times areL

Mondays at 6:30 pm
Thursdays at 2:00 pm &
Saturday at 10:30 am -- I believe we will be replacing the last remaining fish and wildlife program on that channel. I somehow think this fact will come as a blow to my 80 year old father who is very proud of the fact that he raise two daughters that LOVE to fish....amd sure it will be seen as a betrayal to our family values for me to kick the fishermen out of their PRIME spot so us girls can (and I quote) -- just go to town cuttin and pastin, bitchin' and stitchin'" Perhaps it would just be best to leave the details down to the bare minimum...and distract him by taking him fishing soon!

Life seems to get complicated even in the midst of very good stuff.

Drove up to Scottsville where the station is on Friday in order to do an interview with the talk show host of the station -- Francis. She is a precious Godly woman who is a canceer suvivor -- and has just a tremendous testimony as a result, She knew we were there to promote the new Scrapbooking program...."What You Make It." -- but she wanted to talk about missions -- since she had heard that I had been a missionary for 20 years...Want to guess what we did?

Fortunately, I have done a fair amount of scrapbooking projects where I talk about my faith and my missions experiences -- so we jjust pulled those out and had what I like to describe as a :double sided simultaneous conversation about two dichotomous subjects that was brought gracefully to a stopping point when we ran out of time and one of us said, "AMEN>? (did I mention that we taped not ONE but TWO programs?!?!?! -- so I must not have offended her too badly)

Fr\om there, Holly and I went up the Scrapbook Village -- they have agreed to sponsor the show and we wanted to meet Bonnie, the owner. She is a little spitfire. Totally has that story whiped into shape. They were doing a crop on Friday and Saturday...and ladies ahd come from all over --- Indiana -- Alambama...but they were have a hoo of a tiem. Many of them will be back next weekend to attend the Retreat! About 259 ladies are signed up...and from what I hear a LOT of craziness is likely to happen. I am teach a class on Friday night -- after taping for sessions of What you Make I am going to need to adopt some of their craziness if I am going to be able to stand on my feet. We are doing a really fun porject...making new stamps out of fun foam -- and then using them to create the background for a two-page layout.

I will take pictures so you can see whatwe end up doing.

Seriously, om Friday, I will be taping the first four show of "what You Make It." I have put in hours and hours of work on projects....and trying to get the website ready to go as well...If you have a moment, please pray that I will stay calm and just ENJOY the process as much as possible....this is the FUN STUFF>...and I don't want to be so stressed about ti that I miss the FUN STUFF!

Ok...enough rambling...will finish up a couple more projects tomorrow and then will post some pictures of the projects. You can see a few of them by visiting my Etsy shop...(not trying to trick you into buying anything ) just letting you know where pictures arel....

Ok....Gotta get to bed. Hope everyone celebrated getting an extra hour this weekend...and therefore are that much more ready for the week. Hugs to every one of you.



  1. Tell us again what station!!!
    I will pray for you!

    I haven't been to Scrapbook Village in ages. Does she have good stuff in right now?

  2. GIRLFRIEND!!!!! you will needs loads of coffee to survive your busy weekend. I can not wait to hear how it all went. I am sure you had a blast and are in desperate need of some sleep.


  3. I love your projects and I am so excited to hear about your day!!!


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