Sunday, September 23, 2007

A couple of layouts

I have been having some fun working with different paper lines...and on the one below slopping some paint around. The Reflections of a Hot Young Woman was a bit of a tongue in cheek journaling regarding how one gets from Hot to Hot Flashes...and the fact that I actually like where I am now -- more than "back in the day" when the boys thought I was "hot."

This layout is about the day I turned 30 and chose to spend it fishing with my Dad -- it was just wonderful...early morning -- fish were biting all day....beautiful suroundings --- peace and yes, I caught the biggest fish!

Have a great week. I am headed to Dallas the end of the week for my Dad's 80th birthday. Will try and get his mini-album done before I leave....he doesn't know I am coming so that will be a fun surprise too. Take care all


  1. Your l/o's always have such great stories & meaning..I love seeing them!! My favorite: Hot reminds me *a little* of the reason I have "One Hot Mama" as a ring tone on my cell phone..if you have seen the music video you would understand..but if you haven't seen is about a mom with a couple of kids and she is always a wreck, messy hair, little or no makeup, t-shirt..but when her husband sees her..he sees this beautiful "Hot Mama" is just a little joke between Rich & everytime my phone rings and get a little giggle:)
    I hope you have a safe trip, Professor.

  2. what a fun surprise for your dad!
    your layouts are wonderful - they always are:)
    and you still are a hot mama!

  3. Anonymous2:20 PM

    OMG those layouts are fantastic!!

  4. You totally crack me up! Love your wit and your style.

    Have a wonderful surprise birthday party!

  5. coming out of lurk mode - waving hi - I too am a Daddy's girl who loves fishing too! Hubs isn't much of an outdoor kind of guy, but I grew up learning to bait a hook before I learned to comb the tangles out of my hair! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I love the LO with you and your Dad fishing. BTW, you may know my Hubs - I believe he works with your Hubs? (David Jordan?)

  6. Hey Hottie ;)
    Have a fantabulous trip...
    Love the layouts and especially the sentiment!

  7. Love that "hot woman" layout.

  8. OH YES!!!..these are some of my fav pages of yours. The funny thing is that "really important" and "hot woman" are stylistically different and yet I see so much of you, your style, and you passion for truthful journaling in both. In fact, I think one of the things I love so much about your creative style is that is defies simple definition. You scrap your mood. I love that -- and it makes your work so wonderfully honest and passionate.

    So...enough gushing..have a great weekend.


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