Saturday, September 15, 2007

Couple of New Layouts

My students made it through their first round of speeches...and while it seems to surprise them -- nobody died! *smile* They did a great job -- and now that they have the first one under their belts, I am sure it will be easier for them next time.

It finally began to feel like fall today. There was a bit of crispness in the air -- enough to leave the doors open and just enjoy the breeze. Quite the change from just a week ago. Aren't the seasons a wonderful reminder that even the toughest things come to an end? The last month has seemed like the heat was going to be un-ending -- but today, a cool breeze blew and my memories of the heat almost vanished.
Here are a couple of layouts I've been working on lately...just like the weather, it seems my style changes too. Go figure!

I love this picture of my sister sitting in the middle of the bed -- she is so animated -- which how we both are when we stay up talking these days. We did the same thing when we were little -- although it was mostly giggling then.

This one is of my brother-in-law. If I could have picked a brother -- I would have picked him...he is smart and driven and a "guy's guy" -- and underneath it all he has an incredibly tender heart and loves the Lord -- the best of all worlds -- and I love that he loves my sister.


  1. Anonymous8:31 PM

    I'm from West Tennesse. You have a great blog!

    I just started a blog today. It's a little scarce but it should shape in a few weeks...

  2. LOVE THEM!! They are so good. Your bringing out the paints again. I especially love the clustering on the bottom layout. I love the mixture of the flowers.


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