Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Spirit today I intended to get all the white lights is kind of the thing that signifies the :officialdom: of the Christmas season being in full swing. I start with the ceremonial placing of the nativity scenes (multiple ones in various rooms) -- and then move on to the placing of the trees/garland and the hanging of the WHITE lights. But being the "orderly" person that I am -- there are the house has to be cleaned first....I can sorta squeek by on the nativity scene activity -- afterall Jesus was born in a MANGER -- which probably wasn't totally clean either...but the rest of it -- the decorating the house simply requires cleanliness.

I have been in a major organizational tizzy...trying to figure out a way to use my guestroom (still as a guestroom) and as a warehouse for kits for the show. I have company coming -- and I would prefer for them to not to have to sleep on the shelves! *smile* I said when I started writing...I INTENDED to get all the white lights up today -- but I didn't. I did make progress in the organization thing...and perhaps in a day or two I will get the lights up...but to substitute the season "jolliness" quotient that normally comes from having the winter wonderland effect from the hundreds of twinkling white lights -- I found another source for seasonal joy....listen to this. I hope it helps if there happened to be something on your "to do" list that didn't quite get done today.


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  1. Oh my goodness! I LOVE THIS! Wow...where were guys like this in my day?????


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