Monday, December 10, 2007

What a Cutie!

And perhaps my youngest student for a scrapbooking class EVER! She did great during my button painting class...look at the detail she put in the wreath and tree on these buttons!

She ended up doing a full card....and her sister (younger than she is) also painted right along with us! Her mom did tell me that they do a lot of crafts -- but I still think she has a huge future in the arts! The class was in Glasgow, Kentucky at Scrapbook is just a wonderful store...lots of yummy goodness that you just want to wander around for hours!
I have been working on a journal called Journal Your is a great way to focus on the important stuff during this season that can get overlooked in the hustle and bustle...hopefully will keep going all the way til the 25th. Will take some pictures of what I have done so far in the next day or so and share. Think about taking time to write down some of your observations about Christmas over the next few days...and then tuck them away for scrapping afterwards. Here are some ideas to get you started...
1. What do you see around you that lets you know Christmas is near?
2. Are you a white light or a multi-colored light person...why? What did you have as a child?
3. What tradition from your childhood have you brought into your own family?
4. You know that song "The Little Drummer Boy?" -- if you were able to give Jesus a gift from your talents...what would that gift be?
I have really been thinking about that last one a lot the past few days...I was listening to Christmas music while working on a project the other day and the words to that song just got stuck in my head..."I played my best for Him -- pa rumpa pum pum." ( was the first part of the phrase that stuckin my head...but I just like saying the "par rumpa pum pum" part).
Hope you are ready for a great week...

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