Friday, June 02, 2006

Little Things

matter....a lot!

For add a "K" to flan (a great desert), and you have a piece of meat. A whole different course....definitely not to be served together.

In the national weight table for women being an inch taller allows you to weigh 10-15 lbs more and they are alright with it. WOW do I want to be TALLER!

However, it is other little things that matter the most in my life. My friend, Ann, said, "Hey have a good day...and ...I love you" as I walked out the door today. My heart was a little droopy -- and it picked right up. My friend, Tracey, saw me and her face lit up and she ran up to give me a made me feel like I was important in her life. My friend Dana, asked me to meet her this weekend...just to have some girl time.

I often forget that by simply showing joy and love to people who matter to me I am doing a BIG thing. Lord, help me remember the lesson you showed me today. It is how You love both little and big ways....teach me to love like You do.

Speaking of little things....this is Ginger

This is a picture of her when she was a few weeks old...(she is a pomeranian/poodle mix). She really is a bit of a princess...worthy of a tiara. So I want to celebrate that. I think I will be working on a "Princess" scrapbook page this weekend....of another "little thing" that matters.

Hope you all have a great weekend...and know if I see you it will be with great JOY....because you matter....very, very much!


  1. What a wonderful friend you are.
    You have blessed all of the Kelly's so very much.

  2. and this kelli too:)

  3. and the shelley as well!

  4. You DO matter to me! I hadn't seen you in so long and I literally felt a void in my life by your absence. You are so much to so many people. Kinda skeery, huh? hehe Love you!

  5. what a cute puppy dog!!!
    haven't seen you in awhile, but then again I haven't been around a whole lot either!!


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