Sunday, June 04, 2006

On Turning 40

Not sister -- who happens to be five years younger than thanks for thinking I was that young!

As a big sister, I am accustomed to doing most thing BEFORE my sister...and turning 40 is just another one of those things. Also as a big sister, it has always been my job to pass on pearls of wisdom to make her life know -- stuff like how to not get caught if you participate in Senior "skip" day...the fact that despite what our mother says you should NOT let her perm your hair...and chocolate and ice cream truly is a cure for a broken heart.

So...I took it as my sisterly duty to prepare her for turning 40. Here is what I said.... (for any of you that aren't turning 40...file this can thank me later).

1. Age is just a number...sounds trite - but it is true.
2. Don't act older than you think you are...turning 40 is not an excuse to start wearing house coats and knee high stockings that show under said house coat.
3. This is a GREAT are old enough to know what you want and still young enough to get it.
4. Don't try to dress like a 20 year old...enough said.
5. With this age comes wisdom you have never had before...use it to make the world around you better.
6. With this age comes discernment about what is important (and perhaps MORE importantly) what is not -- it makes living day to day MUCH easier...look forward to that.

Ok...I won't go on -- but we had a great conversation and I assured her that the best is yet to come...I have certainly found it to be so.

As my gift to her this year...(since I started scrapbooking AFTER her birthday last year), I did a little mini book for her on the 40 things I love about's a few shots. I made it from the Maya Road "coffee break" box and book

Have a great week.


  1. Simply beautiful! I'm glad that Robyn has you and you have Robyn. How nice it is to be so close!

  2. That is so fabulous!!!! You are the queen of scrapbook gifts. I hope the recipients appreciate them!! You are so talented!! I mean it!

  3. Love, love, love the book!
    You are wonderful!

  4. I saw this book in the making I believe! It is awesome and such a meaningful and heartfelt gift. I am sure she loved it!
    Also, great advice on turning 40, I am definitely filing it away...unfortunately it is looming closer than I would like.

  5. i think you must be a wonderful sister. :D

    and one thing i must know . . . are overalls acceptable attire at 40? :D

    and you'll be greatly amused by my blog entry today . . . :D


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