Monday, April 09, 2007

It's a Cruisin' Kind of Love

Royce and I just got back from Miami and our site survey for our worship conference we are hosting in May onboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Liner Majesty of the Seas. We had a wonderful time and got all the things arranged we needed to (we were a little nervous because the ship had been refitted and rooms were not as we have used before).

The weather was just beautiful -- and while we did LOTS of work (really!) it was also just a lovely time for us personally as well. With everything that has been going on with the business and life in general we needed some "us" time really badly and we got it.

On another note, there was a scrapbooking class on of course I had to go check it out..there were TONS of people there -- but I really think that some of us girls from the Nashville area need to go and take was just a little sad what they all "scrapbooking!"

Finally, we found out that we have some extra staterooms available. I asked Royce if I could offer them for a really low price and he sad YESS! So -- I wanted to let you all know (in case you were interested) that I can get you on the ship (May 7-11) for $400 + port taxes...if a couple of you wanted to room together that would be per person! I can promise wonderful praise music (we have Jeff Deyo, Ross Parsley, Tommy Walker and Rita Springer) -- super food, a day on Coco Cay (Royal Caribbean's private island), Nassau Bahamas and Key West (if you love key lime pie this is something not to be missed). I am also going to do a scrapbooking class (paper bag album) and would love some please -- think about it and let me know. The price is normally over $600 so it is a pretty good deal, if you can get away.

Am happy to be home..have missed you all a lot.

Did I mention that there is towel art on the bed every night? I went to the towel folding class -- what a hoot!


  1. Where does the ship leave from? That sounds wonderful!!

  2. Anonymous3:27 AM

    You look so rested and happy...glad things are working out for you! Hope your neck/shoulder/back is doing better! Did I miss the wedding? Or is there still going to be one soon?

  3. Yeah you are home!!!
    Can't wait to see you:)

  4. Oh my...thought I was going to read that you got married! Had butterflies and all! Missed you tons!!

  5. the cruise sounds wonderful . . . your towel art is delightful. :D

  6. Awww..what a sweet "kissy" picture! I am glad you are home..and feeling physical well..I hope. Yes..we do need to make plans to get together. Call me..or I will call you.

  7. jannie baby... love the smooches pic!! and you are just as beautimous as ever!!! hope your feeling ok. i miss u!!! xoxo


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