Saturday, May 24, 2008


I have had a wonderful Scrap-urday!

My guys are out of is a long weekend...and I decided I was going to devote myself to just playing! I started out with my May kit from Jenni, love love it! I always want to try something new with her wonderful bracket die cut page...and this new one has printed journaling lines on it. I cut half of it out -- and placed the red KI lace behind it.

Journaling reads: I'm talkin' 'bout you guys! I look at these two men in my life and my heart feels like it doesn't know whether to skip a beat of just pound riht out of my chest. You both have that dangerous twinkle in your eyes...and mischief in your heart. That same heart is tender and good -- willing to fight for the underdog. You are two independent souls tied together by blood, experience, love and family ties. Sometimes I can't tell one from the other -- and at others, your differences are so very evident. On any given day I think that I couldn't love you more...and then the next day -- I do! I am so very blessed to be loved by you and to love you. And I do love you two -- {my guys}

Weston has long dreamed of being able to drive a Corvette! His dad has taken him to the dealership to sit in the brand new ones and dream. He talks a lot about how "one day" he plans to own one. I think it is great to have BIG DREAMS. Earlier this year, he began talking about how very COOL it would be to get to drive one for his senior prom. I don't think he thought for ONE MINUTE that that would ever happen...just talkin' -- dreamin' -- it would be COOL! His dad heard his grown up "boy/man" dream and decided that if it were in his power to make it happen -- he would. I won't go into all the details -- but he did manage to procure a 50th anniversary "vette for Weston to drive to the was a night Weston won't forget anytime soon...(I have some layouts devoted to that too) -- Until "the day" he is able to buy one for himself...he will have memories of the ONE NIGHT it was his.

Hope you all are set for a fun long weekend...


  1. {Retro Recipe File}

    Can I buy it finished or do you have the kit for sale..I love this! Very cool:)

    Jill LaFaye

  2. ohhhhhhh love all the pages that you created with JBs kit! And, so glad you had some time to yourself! Every woman needs peace and some personal scrap time!



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