Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Illuminated Journaling: Crosshatch Background Tutorial

Finally....a new tutorial! I got a little focused on the book and had to take a little break on creating new content...but now that it is done...I'm BACK! Woo Hoo!

This is a fun technique...you will see three different pages that I have used this crosshatch background on. It is a great way to get the words to pop from the page.

I've used it on a couple of cards too...but I sent them before I remembered to take a picture. For the cards, I used watercolor paper for the card front and then just popped them on a card blank. Easy peasy! *smile*

If you would like to read a sample chapter...click here.


  1. Hi Jann I've been watching your YouTube videos thanks for sharing....I was wondering have you ever done a Flip Through of your bible ,I did look but could not see one ...I would love to though...
    Cheers Bev

  2. a little sheep's glimpse along the wayside (something to consider before purchasing a new Journaling Bible)



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