Monday, July 10, 2006

Back in Nashville

Hello friends...

Well, I am now back in Nashville...and I was surprised how much it felt like I was "coming home" as the wheels landed on the runway. Nashville has become "home" to me because of you all my dear friends. What a blessing you are to me.

As I pulled up to my driveway I noticed two things....

1. My friend had planted some rhododendrums in my flowerbed...I am very excited about that because I LOVE hers...and hope I can manage to keep them alive and cared for.

2. There was something hiding in my turned out to be a "Benji" like dog...probably six months old....she seemed kind of scared at first -- but water and some "treats" coaxed her out. She seemed to be well groomed. but she didn't have a collar on -- so I am hunting for her family. In the meantime, I have a cute and a bit rambunctious puppy in my backyard. My Anastasia comes home tomorrow -- so that will be interesting to watch.

A bit of an update on Mom...

She was released from the hospital last Wednesday...and got to go home with Hospice care. She is considered in need of "critical care" -- so that means that hospice will send someone out to be with her 24 hours a day. She is eating a little bit still...but isn't awake very much...and doesn't talk very much. My nephew put together a long video loop of pictures of all of us in the family and the hospice worker just keeps that looping for her...she seems to enjoy looking at it.

I saw her for the last time on Saturday night. Royce, Mona (a good friend of mine that I was working the event in Dallas with) and I went over after our event was done. She was awake and having a pretty good we were able to talk a bit...and she even laughed at something that Royce said. That really made me happy -- so see her sense of humor still intact.

I also had a few minutes by myself with her to say my "good-byes." It is unlikely that she will live more than a few weeks...but I feel like I had some very precious time with her while I was in Dallas...and will treasure that. ALso, my friend, Mona -- found a small notebook that my Mom kept track of all kinds of things in for the past few months -- (becauase she is diabetic she has to track what she eats and her bloood sugar levels). I had scrapbooked her a new one for Christmas -- and this is what Mona found....and it is filled with other thoughts besides her food record. There are prayers for specific people....her thoughts on a book she was reading...what she recalled from various conversations with me and my well as weather reports and things she remembered from her childhood. It is a treasure trove of information -- and I am sure some of it will have to end up on some scrapbook pages in the near future.

Well...I am going to have to run -- I came home with am trying to fight it off with some strong antibiotics ( had to get a shot -- *YUCK*)....and rest. Will look forward to seeing you all very soon in person.

Love you all


  1. I've been gone too long. What was Royce doing with you in Texas?

  2. I am so glad you're home!! I can only imagine how hard this is. Just know that I love you. I know I keep saying that but it's all I know to say! I love you, I love you, I love you. I'd do anything for you. Big hug and kiss!

  3. So very happy that you are home!
    I hope that you are feeling better after your shot.
    My heart hurt when I read about your mom.
    It was 6 years ago this August that my mom died. (Dad died 5 months before her.)
    Seems like yesterday.
    My prayers are with you my dear friend.
    So glad that you could spend some special quiet time with her.
    Oh...did I say I was happy you are home?!

  4. Please call if you need ANYTHING.Remember, no time is off limits for my cell phone number. I want to call you, but I am afraid of waking you up (I hope you are getting some sleep so you can get healthy). Take care dear friend. You are so loved and supported - it warms my heart to see everyone pouring out their love for you. And, welcome back home :)
    Love you - Dana

  5. I am so happy you are HOME! Also I am glad to hear that you had a nice special visit with your Mom. Take care of yourself, get better soon, let me know if I can bring you anything..I will just leave it on your porch and run so I don't catch it. (hee hee) I will call you tomorrow..I have lamaze tonight/Tuesday.

  6. he jann . . . you and your mom are in our thoughts and prayers. :D


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