Monday, July 17, 2006

Blogging Sluggard

I must admit, I have become a blogging sluggard. Oh -- I have plenty of excuses...

1. My life is busy/crazy.
2. My internet hasn't been working at home
3. I was winning the Publisher's Clearinghouse and shooting all the publicity stuff took up all my time.
4. I was preparing to climb Mt. Everest
5. My dog ate my blog entries...

But mostly, I have just been too tired or distracted to sit down and write.

Things are progressing with Mom...she becomes a little more grounded in heaven and a little less grounded here on earth each day. She was able to acknowledge that her college roommate (and best life friend) came to visit her over the weekend. She couldn't say anything -- but she just would smile and smile everytime she woke up to find Donna sitting there. I know it meant a lot to her. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts on behalf of my Mom and my family.

I have been doing a little are a couple of pages that I have done.


  1. When do you find the time? Beautiful pages!! Is that a rub-on or stitching for the word 'eyes'?
    Hope to see you soon - you have really been missed!!!

  2. Great pages, Jann! Glad to see them! I have missed you dearly! When will we meet again? Please call me at home...I need to get the template for the book you did for your friend on the pregnancy and the firsts...hope to chat with you soon! Love ya friend!


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