Thursday, February 07, 2008

Phone Service

Sometimes I find myself pondering what I consider to be "life's mysteries." Oh no -- not things like why can't there be world peace or equally heavy topics...but more like...Do we really need to be so totally accessible to the world at any minute of the day that we need a home phone, a cell phone, IM's on our computers, faxes, voice mail and blackberries, blueberris and the like? Or is it just man's continual search for the next cool "gadget" while distancing himself from the business of forming REAL relationships -- you know the kind where you get a cup of coffee (maybe a piece of good key lime pie) and sit down across the table from each other and just talk!?!?!

I ponder these things not because I am a wise woman who would rather solve these matters than get caught up in "Dance Wars" or "Deal or No Deal" -- no I ponder them because in the space of 10 days I went from being the most connected (electronically) human being I know -- to none of my "gadgets" working properly. My home phone was a three station, wireless recharging phone system that one by one over the course of a week stopped their ability to recharge....not that would be ALL THREE. No worries...I still have my computer and cell phone. Ahhhhh...but then the computer decided that unless it was physically plugged into the wall, it woldn't turn on...and my Dell GOLD SUPER DUPER "We'll take care of it til you are the ripe old age of 90" service plan only coveres batteries and related problem parts that they still make. our communication methods are down a bit more....but I am still not in a panic...I can still avoid actually TALKING to anyone because I have my SPRINT Windows PDA phone -- containing my life, my schedule and the phone number of all people I have either a personal or passing relationship with....and then BAM! It refuses to give up my voice mail to me. Oh yes, people can leave me a message. There is every expectation on their part that I am going to hear it...but the blasted system thinks it can withhold my messages....yes MY MESSAGES from me. No threat of bodily harm can convince it that thoe are MY MESSAGES and therefore due me. Even the mother company can't seem to get anywhere with it. Their solution is for me to buy a new phone...with even MORE gadgets on it. I have not yet given in. I dimly recall a time -- a scant decade or so ago where I didn't have to carry relationship devices around on my person. That someone calling my home and not hearing me pick up the phone would assume I was busy or "out for the evening" and would wait for a better time to call me back...a time when I wasn't perpetually behind on answering or responding or writing email. Ahhhhhhhhh.....see -- perhaps there could be world peace (at least in my little corner of the world)..

I am sure I will get it all straightened out eventually...for REALLY -- in this day and age, how can I effectively run a business, have friends...or keep my family together without these wonderful time saving devices? Honestly, I am grateful that they exist...and I hope that you read the above with the sense of "tongue in cheek" that I wrote it... But I will leave you with one thought....that inspired me to do the following layout....God doesn't have voice mail. He doesn't check His messages when He has a minute. Our calls are not answered in the order in which they are received. When we call out to Him -- we are immediately connected...Thank God!


  1. Amen!
    Love this lo:)
    Hope you are re-connected soon..with very little cost.

  2. Ok, now I feel better about calling to complain TWICE to comcast about my ON DEMAND not working properly. You see, my kids expect to watch Fireman Sam when they hit the ON DEMAND button. The lady thought I was nuts when I asked for a price reduction until it worked....she obviously does NOT have 2 young children who will repeatedly ask you to hit the ON DEMAND button until their demanded show is on.
    Um...grrr...I share your pain.
    and I LOVE ME SOME KEY LIME PIE! Can we include that when we meet?


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