Monday, February 14, 2011

For the Love of Teal and Copper

I am going through a “phase.” An obsession with all things Teal and Copper! I can’t seem to NOT use them…even on VALENTINES (which everyone KNOWS should be Red, Black, Pink and White). Ok…so I have never felt that I had to stick to the “rules” when it comes to art…so really no surprise there – right?!?! LOL

Anywhooo…thought I would share a few projects with you. I did a little video – so you can hear me ramble on about the “story” behind the art….here it is.

I do feel totally blessed to have had a “Jammy Jane” (the name I called my grandmother when I was in a “I can’t say things right” phase when I was 2 – and the name stuck). She always seemed to know when I needed some extra loving – or when I needed a kick in the pants! I miss her – a LOT.

When I was in a “I don’t FEEL like it” phase, clearly a kick in the pants is what was called for…but she just loved on me and shared the phrase “Actions Precede Attitudes.” Now let me be clear – there was NEVER anything fake about Jammy Jane….she wasn’t a “fake it ‘til you make it” kind of gal. Oh no…honest and real are just two of her character traits….but she also knew that we don’t always have the luxury of wallowing in self pity! (She would have pronounced it WAH-ler-ing). She would say – “you may not FEEL like smiling…but do it anyway. You may not FEEL like being kind…but do it anyway. You may not FEEL like being outgoing…but do it anyway – and just watch and see what happens to your attitude!” She was right…by behaving the way I should – the attitudes would follow. Smart lady!

Playing in my art journal seemed like a way to capture one of those long ago conversations….a good reminder that while I may not FEEL like being strong…I can choose to ACT strong and wait and see if the attitude shows up. I believe it will.

For those of you that know about the guys in my life – you know that we have been facing some tough days recently….so thought I would share an update with you.

Royce is doing really well! He is getting stronger every day. I love seeing his “spark” returning. He still is on a LOT of medication…and it does wear on him…but we continue to just take it a day at the time…and are grateful for the progress. He has been having a hard time hearing out of one ear so he went to the ENT Doc – and that doctor feels that he may have some nerve damage from some of the transplant meds. We are believing that “this too shall pass” and that his hearing will be restored. It is driving him a bit batty because it is messing with his balance and as he says “makes watching TV a chore” as he has to continually turn his head towards a different part of the “surround sound” depending on where the audio is coming from…poor guy!

We got some bad news about my Dad today. He has had his first round of chemo, and whatever result the doctors were hoping and expecting just wasn’t there. They are sending him to see another doctor this week for a second opinion…but said that the cancer was accelerating and that they didn’t believe there was a good prognosis. I am not a “polly anna” – but I just have a hard time believing that things could change that dramatically in a week. They had told us that if this particular round of chemo didn’t do what they thought – that there was a different more aggressive treatment that could be pursued…and now a week later they are saying that he is in final stages?!?!? I wish I had been there to ask a few more questions…but am unshaken in my belief that God not only CAN…but WILL heal him. Will keep you up to speed as we learn more. Thank you for your prayers on his behalf. They mean a LOT to us.

Product List:

Pearl Turquoise Acrylic Paint: Lumiere

Pearl White Acrylic Paint: Lumiere

Adirondack Copper Dabber: Ranger

Embossing Ink: Tim Holtz Distress Embossing Pad

Verdigris Embossing Enamel: Ranger

Embossing/Glitter Tray

Carribean Blue Glimmer Mist: Tattered Angels

Patina Glimmer Mist: Tattered Angels

Walnut Distress Ink: Tim Holtz/Ranger Ink

Damask Sticker: Heidi Swapp

White Flowers: Prima and I Am Roses

Book Plate: Tim Holtz Idealogy

Steampunk Debutante Paper: Graphic 45

If you would like me to email you a copy of the Letter from God that my doctor gave me, please leave me a comment with an email and I will be happy to send it to you!

Hugs to you all…and Happy Valentines Day!


  1. Oh Jann, I am so sorry to hear that you are still having such a hard time. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in particular your dad. Take care of yourself sweetie as you need to be well to stay strong. When you have time I would really appreciate it if you could email me a copy of that letter from god. My email is:
    Thank you!
    hugs Alyson x

  2. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Love your recent creations. They are so beautiful, all of them.

    Your tribute to "Jammie Jane" is thoroughly heartwarming and brought a smile to my face and heart. I love your "God's Box" also. It has been a long time since I've heard that letter, thank you for reminding me of it.

    You and your entire family remain in my prayers. Such a trial you and Royce are going through now with the side effects of some of his anti-rejection drugs. I'm sorry to hear about your Dad. What a shock, he must need some extra prayers, and will get them from me, for his spirit to not lose hope in his treatment for cancer. I'm so sorry Jann. Sure wish I was closer so I could wrap you in a hug :-(
    Love you my Sweet Friend - Leslie

  3. Oh Jann,
    God is so BIG...and He is in control! Everything will be as it should! Just keep trusting that! I know it's hard, especially when we can't be with them, right? So we have to just place them in God's capable arms...and we hold on to His mighty hand...and we TRUST and PRAY! That's all Jann, just TRUST and PRAY! I'll be doing that right along with you!
    I posted a Valentine on my blog for you yesterday! Pop in and take a look when you get a chance!
    Nancy :o)

  4. again! Could I please get a copy of that letter! I don't know where mine is and I'd really like one again! Thanks very much!

  5. Jann,
    I'm new to your blog, but not to your troubles. I was deeply touched and moved by your youtube video and really identify with what you are going thru. Please know that your family will be in my prayers and thank you for sharing even with such a heavy heart. On a lighter note, you have inspired me to get those goodwill books out and start an art journal. Also I would love to make a few of those God boxes for myself and friends. I just finished a steampunk mini album and I too am into teal and copper. I would love a copy of that letter your doctor gave you when you get a moment. TFS and God Bless.

  6. Hi Jann, Thank you so much for your youtube video and also the blog post, on this topic. It was a great challenge to me, but also an encouragement, and we all need both of these things. I have been following your channel for quite a while, and love your work. The letter you read out on your video was great, and I would really appreciate a copy of this, thanks for your willingness to share this, and to email it. My email is take care, Naomi.d

  7. I so enjoyed you sharing your journal results with me. It makes me want to try this type of art, but I hestiate! I just don't know how to start.
    I would be so over joyed if you would share your poem with me. I find it so up lifting.
    thanks a lot!

  8. Jann,
    my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!
    I'd like a copy of the Letter from God - it's so inspirational and uplifting.
    Your art is beautiful!

  9. Jann, my thoughts and prayers are with you during this challenging time in your life.
    I was so inspired by the letter from God and am hard at work to make my own.
    I know you have a lot on your plate right now, but when you have a minute, would you please send me the letter. It will be put to good use!
    kathleen in St. Louis

  10. Dear Jann
    I have found you here via you tube. Today I watched your art journal page and got hit in the heart with the fabulous letter from God. It was just what I needed to hear - my baby is away at Bible College and I am missing her bad. Could you please send me the letter - I would love to forward it to her .
    Sending you my prayers and love
    xx Michelle

  11. Hi Michelle again
    Duh!! my email is if you are able to send me God's letter.
    Many Thanks
    xx Michelle


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