Sunday, February 06, 2011

This is what happens when I watch the SuperBowl while I am out of town....

What happens is I am surfing and scoping out all the new scrappy product hitting the stores...and keeping one eye out for the commercials and the half-time show. LOL That leaves pleanty of time to fall in love with some products I think I HAVE to have....what did you do during the SB?

I know you all have seen these fantabulous Configuration Boxes by Tim Holtz - and I have seen some of you create amazing pieces of art with them. I've decided to jump in with both feet and see what I can come up fact I am considering creating an on-line class focusing on fun paint, ink and paper techniques along with this Configuration Box - starting some time in March.
If I do it - I would probably use either this fabulous 7 Gypsies paper collection called Lille...
and all the lovely embellies....I am DROOLING over these paper tapes that go with it.

or maybe this grouping of papers from Webster's Pages....the triple pack (of 6 x 6 papers - 36 pages) from their CHA Winter release....Spring Market, Yacht Club and Country Estate. Oooo so yummy and the smaller papers perfect for doing a project like the Configuration Box.

There are some lovely laces and fibers that go with these paper lines that are equally yummy!

Anyway....that is what I am thinking about while I am watching the Macon, Georgia....with my honey and laughing at all the great commercials! What do you all think? Do you like the idea? How do you feel about the paper selections? Or would you rather do a smaller version of the configuration box?

If we decide to do it - I have talked with Scott from about you being able to get any extra supplies that you need for the if you think it would be a good idea or you have a preference about paper lines - let me know, and I will get with Scott. He did say - that it would be possible for you to use whichever (or another one completely) paper line you like and still get the core group supplies.

I also want to give you an update on my Dad...

He has made it through the first week of chemo - and says that he is not feeling any significant side effects from the treatment. He had a chest cold going into it -- and is still hacking from that - but is encouraged by how good he does feel overall. He will have two weeks off...and then an appointment to see if he is "A-ok" to go on to the second round. We are believing he will be and just continue to ask God to be his HEALER...whether that be by miracle or through the wisdom of the doctors as they apply the chemo therapy. We will rejoice regardlss of the pathway! Thank you friends and family for joining with us!

Ok...I guess I better hop off - although I will leave you with one more picture of one of the new floral sprays that are part of the new Webster's Pages lines.... It just made me itchy to get this cold weather gone....and spring ushered in! How about you?!?!?!

Hope you all have a great week....


  1. Anonymous9:08 PM

    What a you have. That would be a beautiful wall hanging in a craft room or anywhere in the house. It would also be a great gift. Oh, the ideas swimming around in my brain.

    I so love your way of tickling the creative center. Enjoy your time with family watching the Super Bowl.

    I'm glad to hear such good news about your Dad. You all will remain in my prayers.
    Love you - Leslie

  2. Very cool idea - LOVE the paper's you are looking at, too!!! The 7Gypsies paper is yummy!

    Glad to hear good news bout your dad - he's still on my list until this healing is done!


  3. Oh Jann! You mean your eyes weren't riveted to the tv screen during the game? lol Such yummy pictures! It all looks and sounds wonderful! I'll have to look into Scott's shipping prices to Canada. Those items are all next to impossible to find around or otherwise!
    Glad to hear your Dad is fairing so well with the chemo! God is good, isn't He? I'll certainly add your Dad to my prayer list! My Mom finds out soon if chemo is her next step!
    Thanks so much for popping in at my blog and leaving a comment! It sure put a big smile on my face!...Nancy :o)


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