Sunday, July 05, 2015

I Have Something Fun to Tell You!

My. O. My! I am so excited that I FINALLY get to share what I have been working on for the past few months! I have been busy writing a book. Illuminated Journaling is written to challenge Christ Followers to stretch the boundaries of how they have typically studied God's Word so they might experience a deeper, richer and more personal relationship with God by lending authentic and creative expression to their faith.

If the Bible is God's introduction of Himself to His children, a love letter to His followers and an instruction book for living a life pleasing to Him, Illuminated Journaling provides a tangible way for us to communicate back to Him that we have heard His voice, that we are in love with Him too and perhaps, most importantly, that we want to give a gift back to Him that is filled with genuine praise and appreciation for Who He is and what He has done for us.

You can order your copy now...and get it before it arrives in stores**! The first 100 orders will receive an autographed copy...and be entered to win an ESV Journaling Bible.

To order use the Buy Now button over in the left sidebar or visit the Illuminated Journaling website to place your order...and watch out for some fun book launch activities that you can participate in over the next few weeks!

**Note: This is a pre-order. I will be shipping them as soon as I get them from the Publisher in August...but I will receive these before they show up in stores.


  1. I was just in the library today looking for a book about bible journaling. When I couldn't find one, I tried a local Christian bookstore. I'll have to keep an eye out for your book.
    I'm not very artsy (meaning I've never scrapbooked, failed art class, and I draw stick figures), but I love God's Word and I cannot wait to jump into bible journaling.


  2. I ordered it!!! Have been wanting the note taking bible but it seemed to expensive for me right now. As I was surfing through the internet I came across your tutorial "Yesterday Ended Last Night" Love it. I have a friend who is a wonderful christian but can not stop worrying about everything. I have downloaded this and will send it to her. I also was richly blessed by it and your web site. Thanks for sharing. Nancy

  3. Just ordered--thank you for writing this book--


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