Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Creative Process

is very healing. Since returning to Nashsville after my mom's home-going, I have found that I really wanted/needed to return to some of my creative pursuits -- writing and scrapbooking. I have been a bit thwarted on the blogging front because my ISP service hasn't been providing me any service at my house "in an effort to make my cable and internet experience the BEST it can be!" Currently, I am not having much of ANY experience with it. *laugh*

Job-wise I have been editing a 300+ page document -- and that has been both challenging and tedious (challenging to make it say what it needs to say and tedious because I also have to format the document for printing and it is in pretty sad shape). To get a little peace and quiet to work in, I have been heading over to the Mt. Juliet Public library in the mornings and to Panera Bread in the afternoons to get internet service and NOT be in the office. Yesterday I saw one of the most hysterical exchanges while I was at the library. Now understand, here in Nashville most of the kids have gone back to the only people in the library at 8:30 am are retired older people or out of work drifters....or at least that was who was there yesterday....along with myself providing the third category...people with banana yellow hair. Oh -- have I forgotten to mention the part where my need to be creative took a turn to the south?!??! Ok...we'll get to that later....for right now we have to stay on track and talk about the funny people at the public library. Here is the picture. I am sitting at a table with my laptop and MOUND of papers concentrating on not leaving any participles dangling and across from me are two really cute elderly people. The man...dressed in overalls made into shorts with black socks and tennis shoes and the a turquois and rhinestone stretch knit pantsuit. Actually, the man was sitting there first, browsing through a book of history (which I am pretty sure happened in his lifetime -- just checkin the facts 'mam). He looks very content -- settled in like this is a regular Tuesday morning activity....he isn't going anywhere for a long know kind of look. Up walks snazzy momma and says..."whatcha reading?" (I am going to have to remember that line). The man says -- "I am just browsing through this book -- you know you got to check if they get their facts right." Woman replies "have you read the paper yet?" Man," No -- I've been looking through this book." long pause "Are you going to read the paper?" "Yes, that is my intention." Much longer -- more pregnant pause "would you be willing to read it at my house.....afterwards this time?" Oh my GOSH....totally a geriatric pick-up. I love it!~

Ok...I have to confess that I later learned they are husband and wife (of more than 50 years) and come to the library almost every Tuesday....are still frisky and happy....and I guess they were having a little fun. I say "GOOD FOR THEM!" I certainly enjoyed it!

Ok...back to bad creative decisions.....and my banana yellow hair. Yes...on Sunday night, it occured to me that I hated my hair and wouldn't be able to get into see my hair stylist for two whole weeks. And for some that moment the waiting of two weeks became two weeks and 30 seconds TOO LONG! So, I figured I could do something about it myself. As a result, I will be creating a scrapbook page entitled: Lessons Learned from a Bad Hair Day

A few would be:
  1. The old addage of don't make life altering decision while you are in the midst of trauma should be expanded to include "hair altering decisions" while you are in the midst of trauma.
  2. Blondes cannot highlight their own hair
  3. You never look like the pictures on the box...and it takes more boxes than they say it does to even get close.
  4. All over color does NOT pick up the natural highlights in your hair giving you that "natural multi-tonal look. It does what it says it does -- puts ONE color ALL OVER your head.
  5. It is REALLY bad when someone describes your haircolor as Big Bird Yellow -- pretty sure that is not a hair color that occurs naturally in nature.
  6. t is easy to look like Anna Nicole Simpson with a bottle of bleach and 45 minutes on your hands.
  7. 6. It costs more to "reconstruct" or fix your hair than it would have to get it done in the first place!!

My friend Ann from ScrapIT! took pictures...because she also graciously, got me an appointment with her stylist last night. When I get the before and after pics...I will post them for your amusement.

And now...for your viewing pleasure three layouts I have done recently ... after looking at them I am sure that when I need a creative outlet I need to stick to scrapbooking and not hairstyling. you guys!


  1. You are a BRAVE woman. I wanted to cover my gray one day. So, I bought a kit. As I started putting it on my hair I noticed that the color was purple and freaked and rinsed it right out. I KNOW my hair wasn't going to end up purple, but just seeing it FREAKED me out. So, I've never been able to do anything like that at home and I've only done it at the salon twice and both times I was a basket case waiting for the outcome!

    Nice to see you back to blogging. I've missed you. I hope I will see you at the crop this month!

  2. Oh you had me in stitches! I can't wait to see the before and after.

  3. Is big bird yellow REALLY that bad? Just kidding! Whatever it looked like, I loved the final outcome of your NEW hair I saw the other night! You are so very brave! To color your hair and then put pictures on your blog! See ya tonight!

  4. reading your post makes me miss you:)


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