Sunday, August 20, 2006

Friends do a heart good

I am totally blessed to have some dear friends here in Nashville...and you know -- I didn't even know them this time last year. That amazes me...God is so good. Last summer, I realized that some of my "lack of balance" in my life was due to the fact that I had not found good, solid girlfriends after my move here two years earlier. I began to pray about it -- and looked around for places I could meet some good women friends. I went to a couple of book clubs, a "Women in Management" group and even attended a bible study. I just didn't click with any one.

Then I walked into a scrapbook store...ScrapIt! and viola! I found wonderful sweet friends. Over the next few months, I have gotten to know Ann and Bill the owners...and they are dear people who really care about their customers, the Lord and their family in such a huge way.

The crops have become my favorite escape and bonding time. It doesn't matter that I am less productive on pages at a crop than I am at home -- because the time of hanging out with the girls is so fun and keeps me sane. I have to say that my heart is touched by my new friends, Ann, Dana, Kelli, Chelle, Ruth, Tracie, Doris, Sherri, Tammy, Tiffany, Michelle and Jill. Isn't that an amazing list of friends -- especially when I think that these are people I have gotten to know in less than a year. Each one is special -- and quite unique. In fact, Dana and I were talking about the fact that we really are the eclectic group of people -- from very divergent backgrounds that might not normally have found our way to each other...but yet we did. God is so good! We have all needed these friendships over the past few months -- and have been there for each other. As I said -- I feel so very blessed. I love each of you and thank God upon every rememberance of you.

As a side note, here are a couple of layouts I have done recently.

This one is of my grandmother -- "Jammy Jane" -- she is my hero.


  1. I can't agree with you more, sista girl! I am so very thankful for you and the girls at the store. Can't wait until next crop :)


  3. So way cool layouts Jann! And way cool words, as usual! You're the best! Lookin' forward to another crop soon! Bless you!


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