Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Pictures

Couldn't seem to get the pic of my layouts into my last I put them here instead

This one...Tammy and Ruthie picked out some papers for me to use after seeing my picture. It was kind of a fun challenge to see what I could come up with using things someone else had picked out....we may want to do this as a group of friends sometime....make challenges for each other. It got me outside my box...and away from typical halloween colors.


  1. Well you still had to make it a little halloweeny by using the word "punkin".

    That would be a fun challenge, to have someone else pick out the papers. I'd try it.

    Oh have any of you used the 'handicapped' word verification? I did and I was quite surprised that it was nothing like what was written. It was all numbers. Talk about confusing! I had to have them repeat it again.

  2. I still don't get which one is the one they picked the stuff out for. I'm dumb. LOL

    I love them all! I'm always delighted by your work. Glad you're blogging again and back home with me! :)

  3. Chelle cracks me up!!(above)I got a great laugh out of that..I never would of thought to try the other method..Too funny!!!! I always love any layout that you are simply amazin'!!

  4. Ok- I tried the photo merge. I thought that was a great idea. Unfortunately, I just can't get it right. I can't figure out how to make one picture smaller so that it will fit. Oh well- it was a neat idea. I did get 2 of them merged together.


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