Thursday, November 27, 2008

Give Her An Inch

This is what happens when a friend gives you a box of inchies a few weeks ago and they sit staring at you on your work table And finally, in a move to conquer the staring of the inches you wrestle them out of the box and make them do what inchies do....make small things....lots of them. Ahhhh...but the dilemma doesn't end there....are inchies just inchies -- for the sake of being an inchie...or is it proper and polite once you've conquered them to sweep them back together -- and make their small parts part of a whole bigger "thing" once again? See this was my dilemma as I baked pies and bread I just work on a couple and say..."ta done!" and move on...but in the inchies told a story....and the story was told better by letting each little inchie play his or her part. (you know they do all the voices -- they don't just read it in a monotone voice -- if you haven't heard an inchie performance you are in for a treat -- that's all I've got to say about that! So...once completed (and the pie in the oven) -- the following journaling is what brought the entire experiment together. "Mom used to say, 'You give that girl an inch...she'll take a mile. and as I thought about it I decided...."you know...she might be onto something!" Ok....sorry for all the silliness. Just had so much fun playing for an hour this afternoon....just PLAYING...not trying to create anything...just stacking and painting and cutting and pasting....just for the sake of covering up a box of inchies. As I laid them down on the page....the story line kind of came together. From a design point of view I think it needed some softness -- which I tried to do with paint on the edges....don't think that is it...will go back to it tomorrow while some football game is playing and see if I can't punch it up a bit. Any thoughts on how to add softness to this very linear design about a very NON-linear person.... Oh....and if you haven't ever played with need to. They tell GREAT stories...but in very small packages!
Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you. I count you among the tremendous blessings in my life.

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