Friday, January 07, 2011

Stash Diet Challenge

Hey Everyone! the New Year probably saw each of us making resolutions (re: family, personal, spiritual, perhaps even losing weight or getting back in shape)! I set some crafty goals too! (See how I skipped right over the losing weight/getting in shape option!?!?!? LOL)

I have already done a studio clean up and purge...and am now ready to work on a couple of my other goals for this year....

1. Reduce the stash (let's not call it hoarding)

2. Complete more projects (including page layouts).

3. Think outside the box when using tools and materials I already have.

I always do a LOT better with my goals (still not talking about weight loss or working out) when it is FUN and I have friends to do it I talked to Roxy on Your Paper Pantry about doing what I am going to call the STASH DIET CHALLENGE (a little play on a "crash diet" - but am STILL not acknowledging the lose weight option of New Year's Resolutions *smile*)

The goal is going to be to use things we ALREADY have to COMPLETE a project in whatever format you are most interested in doing.

My goal as the moderator will be to put out some new ideas of ways to use older tools, papers, and products - and challenge each of us to complete one or more projects during the month.

Let me give you a "for instance" - the Stash Diet Challenge item might be vellum....or brads....or old pattern paper. I will post a video with some ideas of ways to use the item...and then set a challenge date. Anyone can play along....and become eligible for a drawing/give away, by posting their project here on YPP either as a photo or a video before the end date of the challenge. You pick the project - it could be a card, a mini, a mixed media piece or a layout...whatever helps YOU complete a project that you would like to get done...and as long as it contains the Stash Diet Challenge item - your name will go in for the drawing.

I will be posting the first Stash Diet Challenge on the 15th of this month on Your Paper Pantry: Stash Diet Challenge. I want to give people time to sign up and to give me some feedback on how often you would like to to this...perhaps even a couple times a month. Because it doesn't take a HUGE project to qualify -- we could do new items every couple of weeks if you are let me know what you think by signing up and leaving me a comment below.

Hope you all are ready for some FUN!


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  1. Anonymous8:21 AM

    I watched your video and so love what you've done with scraps. This is a fantastic idea you have. I'm so guilty of cutting up paper, saving the scraps for use later but never do anything with it. AWESOME idea. I'm glad you have a place to do this.

    You are so funny, with your diet comments on your blog post. Made me laugh each time I read them :-)
    Love you - Leslie


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