Friday, January 28, 2011

Wax Resist Technique

Here you go on the tutorial vid...hope you enjoy it.

Wanted to let you know that our family received some difficult news yesterday. My Dad (84 yrs old) has been diagnosed with AML (leukemia) and will begin chemo therapy on Monday. We have had great conversations as a family about this - and as my dad has been an athlete and very healthy all his life - we are all in agreement that he should take this course of treatment. He has a good prognosis - and while it will no doubt be VERY rough on him - we believe the outcome will be for him to eventually return to all the things that he loves doing - playing golf (he had played 14 holes of golf just prior to getting this news), hunting with his brother, and hanging out with family - particularly his grandkids.

We would appreciate your prayers. We know that God carries us through even our DARKEST hours - and makes the way clear. Royce and I can attest to His faithfulness in these kinds of moments from very personal and recent experience. Thank you friends for your love and are loved and appreciated, every one!



  1. First off, thanks for the cool technique video --- glad to see these again!!
    second, I will keep your Father and your family in our prayers.
    third, I'm assuming that Royce is doing better and things are getting back to normal??
    I've missed you my friend...

  2. Anonymous8:28 PM

    I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. I will, most definitely, add him to my prayer list. You, Royce, and Weston will remain on that same list also.

    I so love this tutorial you did. I had planned to do this technique of yours and give it a try, however I got side tracked.
    Love you Girlfriend - Leslie

  3. Dear Jann!

    I´m Tina. From Sweden. And I´ve watched your youtube-videos during this past year- and I really like the kindness and your giving spirit- as well as your beautiful artwork. Today I was looking for news from CHA- on youtube- since I post a daily blog from other creative souls - except for tuesdays- when I put out a video by myself- not at all as professional as yours but I´m just learning a new editing tool here- and if I only figured out HOW on EARTH you get your camera to shoot from the sky- I hope to improve- since I´m a beginner but like you say- the important thing is to actually ENJOY ourselves when we´re in our studios- and THAT my friend, have been hard for me to learn... Having three sons and a tough life with my so called spouse... That´s another story...

    Reason I wrote you today, is to ask if it´s ok- if I show your fine and inspirational tutorial on my blog tonight?? My web-adress- since I started selling scrap-booking and mixed media stuff- I figured I might as well :) (it´s in swedish- sorry- but you might like something, maybe... I asked Milliande if I could show some of her stuff from Youtube and as long as your logo and name and blog is shown and mentioned- I do hope is ok- ???

    So sorry to hear about your daddy dearest. I promise to pray for him tonight. Having elderly parents are hard at times-

    My heart broke today when my oldest son- 22 year old- moved from home- so I had to lay down and watch something nice now- before bedtime- hope you´ll say YES soon- :))

    All in all- I want to say THANK YOU for great and fun work, shared with all of us,

    Tina from Stockholm,

  4. I'll put your dad on my list - claiming his healing already!
    Thanks for the video - I'm trying it right now!

    love ya,

  5. So sorry to hear about your dad, and I'd be honored to add another member of your family to my prayer list. Is your dad close by, or do you have a sibling that is close by that can help him with his treatments. Depending on where you are, the American Cancer Society has volunteers in one of their programs called the Road to Recovery who drive patients to/from their Dr. or treatment appts if they need help getting there.

    It does need to be scheduled ahead of time, but once the treatments have started, it might be a nice idea to have someone else do the transportation every once in a while to give you or your siblings a break. Or if he's planning on driving himself, sometimes they get really tired during the treatment, and it would be nice for him to just ride with someone.

    I've met the most wonderful people in this way, driving them sometimes as far as an hour away to get their medical care. It's just a thought. Call ACS at 1-800-227-2345 for more info.

  6. love it when you nothing can go wrong. Its so true!
    Love your work!!
    Have a nice day


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