Friday, September 09, 2011

Creative Play Series: Doing What You Think You Can't

Happy Friday!

I am super excited to be sharing this post with you today... because it is an opportunity for me to be totally TRANSPARENT and show you that I am on this journey to creative freedom right along with you!

Today's video is about learning to BE BRAVE and try the things that you think you can't do -- or can't do as well as others!  Success is in the trying!  And I clearly will show you that if you watch the video.  The thing I chose - was painting faces...because that is something that I see other people do and do WELL and I just KNOW that mine wouldn't come out that cute.  So having said that...and because I can't encourage YOU to do something I am not willing to do myself...I decided to share my VERY FIRST attempt at painting a face. I am not even going for a Mona Lisa - kind of face...I just want to make one of those whimsical - mixed media kinds of faces....and I am even going to give myself a boost by using a STENCIL as a starting point!  Hey - the point is to TRY... and to use Creative Play as a safe place to try new things.  Did it turn out PERFECTLY? ummmmm that would be a NO....but do I love it?  Yes, I fact I stayed up last night in order to finish editing the video so you could see it today!  I am going to keep using some of my Creative Play time to practice - and I will come back and show you the kind of progress I am making.  Even though it is FAR from perfect, I am really pleased that I tried.  I feel stronger and more confident...I feel BRAVE!  I hope that you will be a bit brave this week and try something you have been hesitant to try as well - and then please come share it with us on Mr. Linky!

I will be traveling over the weekend...and into the first part of the it will be next week before I can do another episode of Creative Play - but I will be watching for your posts on Mr. Linky and can't wait to see what you do!  And I will be planning our next adventure!

If you are interested in the stencils and paints I used, you can find them here:

Have a great weekend!



  1. Love your face painting and the whole piece is inspiring although I must add that I rather liked the white painted words :)
    You were certainly braver than I Jann painting a face in public, I never do that in private LOL

    I have posted a link to something I was inspired to play with and I'm pretty pleased with the results so far I hadn't been able to achieve the crackle effect with paints and pva glue..I had watched endless tutorials but it didn't work for me so for my journal I tried yet again thinking what the heck go for it and what do yo know I did it! I was so pleased.
    It is because of crafty inspiring people like you I have to thank Jann for giving me that push to get outside my comfort zone..thank you so much.

    Don't forget to rest whilst you are travelling!

    Lynn (rusticus)

  2. I am so glad you did this video.

    Watching you go through the process of painting the face, then seeing the black eye. The perfectionist in me had a gut wrenching moment. You went through and fixed it and did not freak out about it.

    THAT is what is so important in this series of yours. Play and don't freak out. Giving others permission to mess up just to see what can be done to fix it instead of beating themselves up and throwing it away. Inspiring you are.

    I've been trying to leave comments on your videos at YouTube but am experiencing some difficulty so I am coming here to do it.

    Love this series you are doing and I love you, Girlfriend.


  3. Jann I have linked to another post in my blog about creative play.

    Hope you are improving in health and that your absence is from being too busy :)

    Lynn xx


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