Saturday, September 10, 2011

Digi Me...

Happy Saturday...

I had a great time seeing many of my scrappy friends here in Nashville today.  Once a year, I do a scrapbook yard sale to help me clean out my studio and guest room (affectionatly named "the warehouse!" *smile*). Because I teach classes throughout the year and at retreats, I often end up with an extra kit or two...from someone who cancelled at the last minute or I just ended up with more product than I needed.

It was a gorgeous day! I even ended up with a bit of a sunburn...I didn't notice the time passing - you know how it is when you are hanging out with other creative just start sharing ideas and before you know it an hour has passed.  What a great way to spend a Saturday.

One of the ladies that came out to the yard sale challenged me to do some digi scrapping. I love a I decided to work on a project I think is going to be part of our next series after we complete the Creative Play Series. So many times, those of us that create the family scrapbooks forget to include pictures and stories about ourselves.

So here is my idea (yes I know we have a LOT more to accomplish in our Creative Play Series - but I love letting an idea run around in my head for a while before we actually start on it): I want us to create an "All About Me" album.  I have talked with Scott at BlueMoon Scrapbooking, and he has said that he is happy to put together a kit that is just available here through my blog - for those that want to use the same supplies...but of course you will be able to use any products that you want to - and I will be creating some templates that will be exclusives for those that are participating in the series.  I am planning on using the "All About Me" paper crafting kit from Webster's Pages. I got a pre-release kit - and WOW is it gorgeous.  I will take some pictures and post it for you when I get back from my trip towards the middle of the week.  I am also looking into maybe doing the "All About Me" via that we can talk and interact while we are doing it.  Let me know what you think about the idea...and if it sounds like something that would be intriguing to you.

I thought I would also let you know that I have six or seven kits (each one of them is from a different class that I taught) that I didn't sell today.  I will take some pictures of them and post them in the next few days.  You know I am not about using my blog to SELL stuff...but they are pretty cool kits - October Afternoon 5 & Dime (lots of embellies from the line are included), Cosmo Cricket Odds and Ends, Melissa Frances (Fall project kit) and a 7 Gypsies mini album kit - and they need to go to nice homes - LOL.  I know there are a couple more so I will take some pictures and let you know more specifics!

Ok...I need some I am gonna head to bed.  Hope you have a good rest of the weekend - and for time for some CREATIVE PLAY!


  1. Hi Jann! I was just going to pop in here with a quick note for you! Instead I find out you have some kits of some of my FAVORITES for sale!! ARGH!! Now I need to determine if it was meant to be...or if it's a test! haha
    Just wanted to let you know that ALL of your videos are in my "watch later" file and I'll be having a Jann marathon as soon as it can be arranged! Life's been getting in the way! I catch a quick video once in a while but yours are going to get my full attention! I'll be spending a full day with you very soon, my friend, and I can't wait!...Nancy :o)
    (now I'll watch for the kit postings you ship to Canada?)

  2. Anonymous2:28 PM

    I tried to leave a comment a couple days ago on this post and had trouble. I will try again from my laptop instead :-)

    I have a great big smile on my face as I look at your precious self as a young girl and think of the fantastic woman I know today. Awesome photo and sentiment.

    So glad to hear that you had a wonderful time on your sale day. Chatting with old friends and meeting new ones. Talking "shop" and bouncing creative sparks off one another. You got to bless strangers with items from your stash they were happy to buy and your load returning home is lessened. Win win I think :-)

    Soon I will be home and will be able to spend the time watching your videos in your series about playing, then I hope to be able to watch your U-Stream video when you get that done. Watching your videos on my iPhone just doesn't cut it when it comes to really enjoying what I'm learning.

    Love your new hair style by the way.

    Love you my friend


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