Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall Project Series: #2 Card Sketch and Stamping With Bleach

These cards were just FUN to make!  When I was a little girl, my Mom taught Sunday School at our church.  Her class became known among us kids as the "messy fun" department! Even though we were dressed in our Sunday Best, Mom always had plenty of Dad's old dress shirts that we could each put one on backwards (buttoned at the neck) as an Artist SMOCK and then we were free to use paint or glue or whatever was needed for our project. Every fall one of her projects called for us to take a walk outside to gather  up some of the beautifully colored fall leaves. We would use wax paper to capture them for a "placemat" to use at home.  I think that is when my love of fall first began! I just LOVE the colors and the smells and sounds of fall.

The "sounds of fall" you might be asking.  Yes - there are some distinctive sounds that signal fall for me. Crunching leaves, a whistle in the wind and one that you might not expect...the sound of a high school marching band and drum-line practicing! We always lived near the high school when I was growing up...and even before it was my turn to "take the field" with the Mighty Mustang Marching band, I always knew it was really FALL when I could hear the sounds of the band practicing off in the distance.  Last night, as I stepped outside to pick up a few things scattered around the yard, I heard that familiar sound...coming from the Mt. Juliet Marching Band. It brought a smile to my face..."fall is really almost here!"

That is probably why the inspiration for these cards came from this set of stamps by Tim Holtz.  They're called Autumn Blueprint and I put them on my "must have" list when I saw them during Tim's CHA reveal.

So many I ended up creating a little sketch to work from for these cards - one that would allow me to create a LOT of cards in an assembly line - but make sure that each one was a unique work of art that would convey the love and gratitude I have for the recipient.  Here is the sketch. To make it larger just double click on it - and if you want to save it, right click and do "save as" so that you can print it off for your own use.

I have done a video to show you the different techniques I used to create each of the elements for the cards.  The big technique focuses on how I used a stamping with bleach technique to create the focal image - but I also share other techniques that allowed me to use similar supplies that were just bits and pieces in my scrap drawers to personalize the embellishments.

I hope you enjoy! Here are a few additional pictures of some of the cards!

Have a great weekend...and hope fall is headed your way!


  1. Anonymous8:30 AM

    This is totally awesome! I've seen the bleach technique before but to make backgrounds for scrapbook pages. Those Tim Holtz stamps are cool. The distress stain technique you showed, I've got to give that one a try! Totally love your cards :D

    Love you - Leslie

  2. Hi Jann, I always watch your videos and then follow up with your corresponding blog post when it becomes available. I enjoyed reading how your Mom taught you and the other children at church and let you all be creative, what fun!! I have a similar story about fall as we lived close to "Schroeder's Field" where the local high school played football. Fall colors and scents would soon follow the sounds of the players practicing in the day and the crowds yelling on their teams to victory on Friday nights. Years later I was attending the football games and my voice joined with others in the crisp night air. Such great memories your blog post brought to my mind! Thank you, Sybil

  3. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Love your techniques Jann :) Very interesting. Especially like the distress stain technique although I only have two at the moment :)
    Lynn xx

  4. ummm HELLO JANN GRAY!!!

    oh my gosh, why didn't I ever think to see if you had a blog?! I'm here b/c TIM HOLTZ highlighted you on his blog as inspiration in today's "blogworthy links" post! YAY!!! adding you to my reader list STAT!!!

    gorgeous, gorgeous work!!! I might need to try this!!!

    : .)

  5. The thought of using bleach has always scared me in the past but you've provided so much inspiration for 'getting over it' and having a go. Congrats on your blogworthy link. So well deserved. Hugs, Buttons x

  6. thanks for such a great tutorial! Love the cards.

  7. I just texted Leslie to tell her that Tim Holtz gave you a shout out! How cool! I really love this project; may have to consider getting those smaller leaf dies now!

    Again, congratulations, girlfriend!

  8. Stamping with bleach...I love it! What a cool effect!!!

  9. Congrats on your blogworthy link! I haven't used this bleach technique for a long time, but your beautiful cards make me want to try it again! Love how they turned out!

  10. Beautiful cards! Thanks so much for the techniques video - excellent!

  11. Jann,

    Thanks to Tim Holtz for posting the link to your blog, love this technique! Can't wait to try it! Thank you so very much for sharing your lovely creativity...Looking forward to looking at more of your video tutorials, you are such an amazing inspiration to me...Robin Parker

  12. Jann Congrats being featured on Tim Holtz's blog the cards are outstanding I love your work


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