Monday, August 27, 2012

Fall Project Series: Cards

Hello friends!

I know that fall doesn't officially start until sometime AFTER Labor Day here in the United States, but in the "Land of Jann," I am SO ready for it to be fall that I am getting a bit of a jump on the season by starting a new series on the blog! (Hey don't judge me...I was in JoAnn's over the weekend and they had CHRISTMAS stuff up!)

I love decorating my house for fall...and have a few projects in mind for that - just a couple of quick things that will freshen up my other I will post a tutorial or two as I get those projects done.

For the most part though, the projects that I have planned center around cards, gratitude journals (for myself and perhaps a friend or never know - you might be that friend!) and a few other little things that I want to have ready for some family time at Thanksgiving.  I usually try and send Christmas cards to friends and family - but am going to try and actually send Fall/Thanksgiving/Thankful for You cards prior to Thanksgiving this that means I need to move into high gear and stop my wagon from draggin'! LOL! Just typing those last couple of phrases make me smile - as they remind me of family and some of the silliness that we got into as kids...fall just was FUN around my it makes me smile just thinking about the cooler temperatures, a pot of stew or chili on the stove, flannel shirts, football, pumpkins...and all the nummy foods that we only make once summer is over and we are headed into Winter.

So, in case you missed it on YouTube, here is the tutorial for my first project - which was a couple of cards.  They are easy to make - and each one is different so you can make lots of them and know that each will still be a unique piece of art to share with a friend or family member.

And I will leave you with a bit of a "sneak peek" at the next project I am working on...

I just smile looking at those fun colors...

Hope you are smiling too...and mostly I hope you will join in the fun of this Fall Project Series!  See ya soon!


  1. LOL...No judging here, my friend! I say BRING ON FALL!! Oh, the food...glorious food! To once again be able to turn my oven out without fear of heating up the house! I say YES to stews and chili and even to pie and cake and cookies...
    Oh, dear! Have I made it apparent that it's time for lunch?
    I am very excited to see your fall projects! I love the deep rich colors in your sneak peek! See you soon!...Nancy :o)

  2. clearly was time for food in my world as well! So good to see you...and I am looking forward to catching up with you as well! Happy "early fall!"

  3. Hi Jann

    Im glad to see you are having fun with your projects. I tried to get in touch with you via email and phone calls. Can you reply to this comment, please?

  4. Jann I chuckled at your sweet comments, and I gladly say bring on the Fall with the cooler weather I am all tuckered out with this over-heatin' from these lazy, crazy days of summer! Your sneak peek has me looking forward to what you have on tap for your next video. See you then my friend!

  5. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Love these cards Jann, simple but elegant. We don't celebrate Autumn here in the UK in the same way although there is Harvest Festival - usually church services to give thanks for a bountiful year but in fact the Harvest Festival was celebrated by the farmers and their workers once upon a time. However similar cards could be done like this for Christmas - hmmmm that is an idea :)
    Lynn x


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