Friday, January 04, 2013

I have a new Obsession: Chalkboard Art

I always have fun checking out several blogs the beginning of the week - to see what their challenges are for card making, art journaling or scrapbooking projects! 

I went to Papertrey Ink's blog Capture the Moment...and saw their video for Make It Monday. Oh My....the challenge was to use your stamps to recreate Chalkboard art! I loved the tutorial by Betsy Veldman (check it out on PTI Blog here) and was reminded of one of her posts last fall here. I had meant to try my hand at this - but then got caught up in all of my Christmas creating and forgot all about it.

I finally had some time to try it out - and OH MY STARS!!!!! It is so fun! I am in the process of creating a tutorial to show you how I created these card toppers...but I will have to STOP making the card tops and FINISH the cards before I can share that! LOL The supply list is small...and the best part is that you will go through your stamp sets to find little bits and pieces to tuck into your designs. All you need are your stamps, Versamark Ink, White Detail Embossing Powder, White Colored Pencil (like Prismacolor), White Pigment Ink, a ruler, and maybe some other colors of pencil if you like color...well and the ability to STOP yourself from finishing one card topper and moving on to the next without finishing the card!'ve been warned! *giggle*

Here are a couple of examples:

Art Credit

Art Credit

You can find more on my Pinterest Board under Chalkboard Art...yes - I finally broke down and created a Pinterest Board - I needed someplace else to lose myself! Ha...I have officially set a "rule" that I must set the stop watch to 15 min when I get on there - so that I don't find myself still there 2 hours later! It is working so far (Day 4)!

Please follow me on Pinterest if you are a fellow "Pin Head." (I don't know if that is really what we are called if we are on Pinterest...but as much of a time suck as it was the first day I was on...I feel like I was the pin head! LOL) No offense intended...just laughing at myself and my inability to resist the call of the Pinterest Siren!

Hopefully, I will actually get the cards finished this weekend and post a tutorial.


  1. Well, Jann, I think Pinhead is the perfect name for us pinners. I've adopted it at this moment! I signed up to follow you right away! Looking forward to seeing what you find and pin. Hope you are stronger about limiting the time than I have been. I don't know if I should say "thank you" for the chalkboard inspiration - just what I needed!

  2. Well it looks like it's going to be pretty fantastic, can't wait to see the results of your newest passion!

  3. Looks pretty good Jann! I like how you colored your image :)

  4. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Just adore the images you created and loved your video tutorial Jann. I will steer clear of Pinterest just now as I spend more time blog hopping and watching videos than I do crafting as it is LOL. Wouldn't wine bottles and grapes images look fab for this technique? Like the chalkboards seen outside bistros. Oh stop now!! I have too many other things trying to push forward :)
    Lynn xx


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