Friday, September 29, 2006

You gotta know the right questions...

and answers!

Yesterday, I realized that there are ramifications to not having kids with me on a regular basis. One being that you don't always have the right answers for the "order taker guy" at the McDonald's drive through.

Annie's son, J, arrived at ScrapIt! after school...and was "ssstttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrving" (say this word in your best pitiful voice while holding onto your growling tummy). He politely asked if I would go get him a "McDonald's with chocolate milk" which I took to mean a happy meal. How can you resist a face like that when he asks so very nicely?!??!! So I went. This is where things began to go desperately wrong.

After waiting what seemed like a VERY long time in the drive through line (don't they have timers or something to keep things moving?) it was my turn to talk to the "order taker guy." I very confidently said, "I want a Happy Meal with chicken mcnuggets (not even sure that is what they call those pieces of chicken any more -- but I said it so confidently that I am SURE he knew what I meant), french fries and a chocolate milk...and a chocolate shake." I then was waiting for him to tell me the total...I take great pride in always having the right "change" sitting in my dashboard so I don't get tons of pennies back so I was ready to go to work putting the "change" together and was a bit distracted when his voice came back over the intercom to ask me....

"Do you want a boy toy with that?"

Now I am sure there are many appropriate responses to a question like that...but honestly, I couldn't think of a single I blurted out...."sure -- if you can fit him in the bag!" embarrassing is that?!?!?! Then I had to drive around and actually TALK to the 12 year old they had working the payment window. Good about not having control of your tongue!

Hope you all have a great day...and a good laugh at my expense.


  1. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Jan, U are too cute! I know exactly what u mean about J asking so politely for Micky D's!! And... I have gone to get him Micky D's plenty of times and have never gotten that question, but even if I did, I wouldn't be as witty as to give that response! That was awesome! U are too funny!! I bet when u told mom she lost it!! haha I just did!! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Ur so sweet! Are u going to the crop on the 13? Ill be there! U and mom have to come see my scraproom!! Also.. the slideshow I have is from U can creat one and u have to copy and paste the html code to ur blog in the place u want it at. TTFN! Have a great day!!

  2. I will be laughing at that for a very long time!
    You are such a good friend for taking care of my Jonathan and my chocolate needs!

  3. Okay...I almost peed my pants reading that. That is too funny.


    Actually Doris told me and I about laughed my butt off over it then. My mouth hung open. You are hilarious. Quick-witted obviously!!

    I'm so glad you are close enough to check on my Annie and get her something when she needs it. I'm going to tell Mike to start checking on her when he goes to lunch. I feel so bad that she has to work every day. :(

    Love you!


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