Thursday, September 21, 2006

Playing with Photoshop

Ok...jann has been having fun with Photoshop this afternoon.
I started with my original and then did what they called a "GOTHIC GLOW" through the actions pallet....then I did a "BABYLENS BLUR" on the third one. Really needed it for a project at work...but figured as long as I was in the "learning process I would try it out on me. Hope you all are having a good week. I am accomplishing a lot -- which is a blessing.

I have been to an endocrinologist this week and am beginning to work on the migraine situation. He is leaving the insomnia problem til later since I can take sleeping meds and get a good night sleep occasionally. He did also find out that I am anemic (sp?) and have a low immune (white blood cells and T-cells) count....however he was quick to assure me that this doesn't mean I have AIDS...I don't....just am exhausted and worn out -- probably from all of the not sleeping and stress of the past few months. It somewhat validated the fact that I just haven't felt like myself for the past few weeks...and that made me feel better -- if that makes any sense at all. What a blessing to find someone who is willing to listen AND give information...all wrapped up in a doctor who has studied our body's Chemistry. I loved that he said, "You know that we are one big chemical equation...and God was a Master Chemist when He made us...we just have to work on figuring out the variables in your particular equation and we'll solve the problem." Made me kind of think I was back in high School chem...which I happened to enjoy. Anyway...I am working on getting more rest...and letting him solve the equation.

My plan is to spend part of my "rest time" this weekend at this Saturday's crop at ScrapIt! What a great time it will be with my girlfriends...and scrapping all wrapped up in 12 hours of fun! Looking forward to seeing you girls. In the meantime...have a great rest of the week.


  1. need some rest because I'd like to have you over before I put up the colored lights!

  2. so fun to see you saturday . . . hope there are NO migraines this week . . . and hee . . . love the pse fun . . . :D


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