Monday, September 11, 2006

Bad blogger....baaaaaaaaad!

Ok...I admit it...I am a bad blogger. You think no one will notice...but they do! It is kind of like when you wear a shirt that just isn't quite the same color of brown that your pants are and you fool yourself into thinking they won't see...or notice...but dang if they don't! It is one of those mixed blessings. You kinda think, "wow -- cool -- people pay attention to me!" and then there is the other side...."wow -- stink -- people pay attention to me and I can't get away with anything!" Oh all who have noticed and mentioned...thanks for caring....and I will now oblige you with tales of my life.

A few moments in review--

1. Last night Royce came over while I had the TV on watching the "Miami Ink" marathon. His jaw dropped and he said, "well -- it took almost eight years but this is the first time you did something that I would never have guessed you would actually LIKE that show?!?" To which I replied, "yes, I do -- I like the backstory of each tatoo...and the people in the shop's lives. It is kind of like a soap opera...except I don't normally like soap operas." Royce just shook his head. It is good to keep them guessing.

2. My Dad turns 79 this month and is a former pro-baseball player (from the early 50's) so I am working on a mini-album for him for his birthday.

3. My sister is working on finishing cleaning out my Mom's house and went to the city of Richardson to see how much it would cost to get one of those construction dumpsters brought to the house. Apparently it isn't that expensive ($30/week for getting it emptied)...but she had to sign a release stating that they would never find a "body" in the dumpster. A little weird -- but she says she is going to crawl up there and look everyday because it makes you think if you HAVE to sign a release to that effect that they used to get a lot of bodies disposed of that way. yeeeeech.

4. My house is in total disarray....and I just don't seem to have the energy to clean it. Between migraines, a huge load at work and insomnia making me just seems like I can't get motivated to get it cleaned. I hate that it isn't -- but I hate worse the idea of cleaning it from top to bottom. Maybe this little cycle will end soon...and I will be full of energy and just jump into the cleaning process with great vigor! (*laughing* -- yeah right!)

5. Royce has been doing a great job on working on his diabetes and blood pressure. He has been really watching what he eats (he doesn't take insulin shots) and been walking every night. This weekend the doc actually took him OFF one of his blood pressure meds because it was getting low enough on its own. I am so happy and proud of him. He has worked so hard and is seeing results.

6. I got to hold Baby Mattie this weekend...and it really helped my need for a baby fix. She is so beautiful and sweet. I enjoyed talking with Isobel too -- what a precious girl who has huge potential for scrapbooking...she really gets it and enjoys it. I also had a fun few minutes with B & D Beckman. I love how they are both totally together as twins yet totally different personalities. What fun to watch. The Greene triplets showed up at ScrapIt! too and gave me the giggles. I am so grateful that my friends share their kiddos with is a such a gift.

Love you all...and thanks for noticing. I assume this means that if I ever have lettuce or spinach between my teeth you will be sure to tell me!


  1. ooooo I am glad you are blogging again! I didn't say anything, but I did notice.
    AND I LOVE to watch Miami Ink too! Barry thinks it is so funny! It comes on tonight btw! But I bet you already know that! I like knowing about the guys (&Kat) in the shop too and the stories behind the tattoos...although I just heard a line in a song earlier that when I hear it again I will tell you who sings it...something about "hope in the form of a new tattoo"...which struck me because people do use their tattoos in the healing process, I just hope it isn't their complete healing process...they need Jesus too.
    okay now I am rambling...
    And baby Mattie is such a sweetie and you were great with Izabelle when she wanted to check out your supplies.

  2. I'm glad you are back to blogging too. I have your blog at the top of my list, because you are always so inspirational! I just love to be with you and so glad we have become friends!

  3. Sooooo glad you blogged.
    And yes, I watch Ink.
    I want to go to Miami for a tatoo!
    Want to come?

  4. I love that your blogging again!!! Funny that you watch Miami Ink..I would of never guessed that you would watch something like that..guess how many tatoo's I have..I bet you never would of guessed that I even had a tatoo or two or three?? Hee Hee
    Let me know if I can help you with anything at the house..I hope you and Royce can get to feeling good real soon! Check out the products on the link Health,Hope & A Future! on my blog..I have been taking products for over a year now..I am so glad that I started taking this has really changed the way I feel..had lots of problems..migraines..joint pain..trouble sleeping..high cholesterol..etc.etc.
    I am glad Mattie was able to fill your baby fix..Hee Hee
    Talk Soon!!

  5. Jan, It's Ann's daughter, Amber! I started a blog a bit ago and I am scrappin again! Gonna post some layouts up and some other stuff...Just thought Id tell u... Check it out!! Added u to my links too...


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