Monday, July 16, 2012

New Things to Stamp you all know that I have a tendency to stamp just about everything.  I have been known to alter chipboard embellishments with some custom stamping...stamp a background for a card or layout, stamp a title or even all of my journaling.  I have stamped buttons, metal flowers, acetate and photos.

So - it was probably a natural progression for me to take my love of stamping to my fingernails. There is a bit of a backstory.  For the past 25 years, I have worn acrylic nails.  As a teacher and speaker, I KNOW I talk with my is unconscious....I just do it - and I have just worn acrylic nails - usually in a really understated french manicure.  As a crafter, I can be REALLY hard on my hands....I am always splashing paint or ink and my hands just end up being a mess.  A few months ago I decided it was time to leave the acrylics off my nails and let them just BREATH!  I loved my well manicured nails, but I felt like they needed a break...but I still needed to keep my hands I began to explore home manicure options...and I discovered a whole community of Nail Artists...just like we have in the crafting community.  One of my favorite card designers Kristina Werner (StarofMay on YouTube) always has the cutest manicures and in my search for cute manicure options. I discovered that she has another blog - The Daily Something...devoted to creative manicures.  One of the things that Kristina often does is stamp on her nails. So I became a bit curious...and discovered that you don't really have to make a major investment... You just need a couple of stamping plates, some quick drying polish to stamp with and the Stamper...seen below.

You can find one of Kristina's videos explaining how to do a "gradient" on your polish and then stamp over  The picture of my nails at the top of this post was my first attempt at both.  It is actually very simple and doesn't take much more time than a regular manicure...and I think the results are fun, festive and perfect for a summer manicure. And the best part is that it gives me a whole new surface to STAMP on!

In case you are interested in the details:

Base Coat: Butter London Base Coat
Gradient Polishes: Revlon Colorstay in Buttercup and Sorbet
Stamping Polish: Konad Special White
Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster 314 (from the 2012 set)
Top Coat: Seche Vite


  1. You may have finally sucked me into the stamping world with this one. RATS!

  2. Anonymous6:40 PM

    What fun Jann :) Can't do this one though as painted nails don't stand up to gardening very well!
    Lynn x

  3. Anonymous9:55 AM

    How stinkin' CUTE! Love the look of your nails.

    Wow, to think the nail polish industry has stepped up their game to make products that can segue into the crafty world :D. Enjoy your fresh manicure and all the compliments and questions you will receive :D

    Love you - Leslie


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