Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In the meantime...

Well hello there friends.

I was really hoping to get a video edited for you all today...but I didn't.  So...in the meantime I will share a couple of layouts. One that uses the same technique that I shared in my last video...and one that I am going to show you in the video I need to edit! (I shouldn't even tease should I?)

Do you see the flowers?  I used the same technique of masking and quick coloring on these flowers...just a LOT brighter...more Kati-esque than my rather sedate cards!  I stamp a couple extras and cut them out and popped them up to create the floral frame.  

A couple of other details...I used my score board to  score two parallel lines on each side of the white paper that I stamped the flowers on.  Here is a tip - mat your picture first and draw some light pencil lines before you stamp....then you only have to color the parts of the flowers that are going to show.

Once I had done the stamping and I put the picture back in place - the white background just seemed too stark....not for long!  All that pretty coloring and it was pristine for about two seconds before I started throwing splotches of ink (mister hues and tattered angels) all over it....and it suddenly felt much more like part of a scrapbooking page and less like a REALLY large card!

So what do you do if you have "extra leaves?" Pop them behind your title to tie it into the stamping.  The reason I took this particular picture though was to show you that I really used things that were within reach or laying on my desk.  See those little bits of "confetti?" There were from the border I punch for another card...and I hadn't brushed them off my desk into the trash....and they seemed to be the same color as my layout...so I just glued some down!  Use what you have!

And here is a little closeup of the leaves and the layering...I used a Jenni Bowlin Tab Punch to create that little tab on the photo from some of the paper I cut off of the splattered edge of the white background.  I think using those kinds of things make a layout cohesive and pulls your eye in to see different parts of the layout and the viewer just unconsciously feels like it all goes together. Ok...that sounds like I am an art philosopher....clearly...I'm not.  Just an idea for you to play with on your own!

So here is the layout that I want to share with you in a video tutorial.  The silhouette of the girl is from a Julie Fei-Fan Balzer Crafter's Workshop stencil.  It was such a cool visual for a layout about my oldest niece.  You will see that I have been a bit infatuated with confetti...or bits of things sitting on my desk that I am calling "confetti!" *smile* 

I am hoping to get the video edited by this weekend...but I will give you a hint....I used UTEE (ultra thick embossing enamel) and embossed the silhouette...scattered some confetti and random ink and embossing powders to create a halo around her...and then used a sharpie to write my journaling on the clear embossing...I think you will have fun using this idea...I am looking at all my stencils with a different eye....bet you will too!

This closeup of the grouping of "shtuff" at the top of the layout just makes me smile. Again - I just kept reaching for pretty colored things that were near my desk. One of the keys to making random things work for you is to REPEAT them at least three times.  If you glance up at the first photo that shows the whole layout - you will see that there are three groupings of similar items repeated in a triangle...with the picture of Lindsey and the silhouette (with journaling) in the middle of the triangle.

Ok...am off to work on design team projects...but don't think I don't hear you mumbling to yourself..."where are all these BRIGHT colors coming from?!?!?" I don't know the answer to that for you...I just haven't felt like creating "vintage grungy" so much lately...but I am sure that I will return to my roots soon. But in the meantime....

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  1. Oh my heavenly love - these are just adorable!!!! Absolutely 2 of my favoritest things you've ever made. I really, really want some of those stencils by Julie. There one of an up-close face I want the most. I waited for Archivers to get it in and they got her other ones, but not that. Maybe at the CK Convention. Love these so much! Can't wait to see your video!


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