Thursday, February 16, 2006

Valentine's Gift

I received a gift for Valentine's Day that I thought I would never get. I got to watch "my child" become a man and see him go out of his way to treat the special lady in his life to an evening of romance.

He and his Dad are two peas in a pod. But in my experience, teenagers want to do their "wooing" in private...not in front of their Dad and his girlfriend. But Weston was all about he and his Dad doing this together. Now, given -- his Dad is the King of Romance and if a young man wanted to "do it right" he is pretty smart to go to the source.

As a single gal -- and never having had any children there are so many things that I miss and yearn for...and one of them was watching as Weston (he has become like a son to me after knowing him for the past seven years of his life) move from being a boy to being a man.

Last night they pulled it off. We were met at the door by two gentlemen dressed for romance.

They then took us to the dining room which had a been converted into an intimate dining area by a net being hung from the chandelier and floated over the whole ceiling.
Dinner was grilled Salmon, green beans almondine and baked potatoes. Red roses were at each of our place settings...and rose petals tossed all over the table.

Later we went into the family room and took turns dancing to the "easy listening" music from Music Choice on cable. It was so much fun to watch and participate in this evening. Weston's date was one overwhelmed young lady. I am guessing she has been spoiled for life -- I certainly would have been when I was her age.

As wonderful and romantic as all of this was -- the very best part was standing with Royce, side by side, and being so proud of Weston and how he treated his date. I felt tears whell up over and over again. He couldn't have given me a better Valentine...and it was one that Royce AND Weston gave me with open hearts. I am so grateful that they are willing to share their lives with me. It is a night that will remain with me forever...Happy Valentines doesn't even begin to describe how I felt about last night.

Thanks for letting me share this with you...


  1. What a precious, sweet memory that you will have to keep forever.
    Thanks for sharing it with all of us.
    See you tomorrow!

  2. Aw man - that is so awesome!!!!! I can't imagine my husband doing ANYTHING romantic, let alone all this. You are one lucky gal.

  3. What an awesome thing for you to be part of. I so enjoyed getting to know you better today and look forward to seeing you at more crops!


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