Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I must be...

On a roll. I finished another lo tonight. In looking for the picture I used last night, I ran across a whole stack of my very favorite pictures that I have taken while working in orphanages in Russia. I have boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes (you get the idea) of pictures from more than 16 years of traveling throughout Russia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. If I were to think about it, as a very new scrapper I could be VERY overwhelmed with all the "resources" I have to work with -- or if you were to see it from my perspective -- "that I OUGHT" to get in a scrapbook as quickly as possible. It simply can't be done. However, and I guess fortunately, I have one box of my very favorites that I kept adding to as I took them and loved them -- for whatever reason.

Last night I opened that box...and it just might be my Pandoras box. I LOVE the pictures in there -- because there is a story behind each one that means something to me. So, guess for a while, I will pick one out occasionally and tell the story. Tonight's story is about an artist.

I watched this man finish a painting in a park in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was a beautiful landscape. When he felt it was finished, he set the painting aside and clipped what appeared to be an old piece of paper sack on the easel. He then sat down to drink a cup of tea...but before he took more than two sips he was up if the blankness of the canvas compelled him to fill it. His tea turned cold...but before long an image of a young girl appeared. I sat quietly for more than an hour watching (and taking a few pictures) so as not to disturb an artist at work.

I find that I feel that same compulsion when faced with a blank page. Prior to scrapbooking, I would typically fill it with words...journaling or writing stories. Now, it sometimes feels that I just have to get my hands on some paper, ink, stamps and pictures and create a visual story to fill the page. I don't have the kind of talent that this man had...but we did share a basic fill a blank canvas with art. Hope you enjoy the layout and find an empty canvas to fill with your art.


  1. Oh wow!!!! This is my favorite thing you've ever done, hands down. It is INCREDIBLE! Wow!!!!!!

    I think all of us scrappers have boxes and boxes of pics. Just think, every layout you do is one more you have done and you are SO FAR AHEAD! (I got that from Stacy Julian, my scrapping hero.)

    I want to tackle my Mother In Law's suitcase of family pics. It is my pandora's box or suitcase. heehe

  2. Ok...I am going to have to adopt Stacy Julian -- and yes, I know I am showing my "baby scrapper" knowledge base when I say "even though I don't know who she is." Whoever she is -- she is a wise woman...and I do feel better because I have THIS one done...and who knows what tomorrow will bring...perhaps another blank canvas...another box....another suitcase...another something. But at least I did :today's: thing...right?

    You rock...I sure appreciate your encouragement...I am SO still learning how to express myself in this new genre of art and you have been a great cheerleader for me to "keep at it." Thank you!

  3. Absolutely AMAZING! That man has so much character and your layout is just simply fabulous!

  4. Wow.
    You have such a way with words.
    Wonderful pictures that tell the story of your very full life before we met.
    What a great layout!
    I hope that what you write about on your blog you are putting some
    where on your layouts even if it is on the back of them.
    Thanks for sharing.
    See you tomorrow!


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