Sunday, February 12, 2006

What a lovely cuddly weekend

Happy Weekend Before Valentine's Day!

I have been a slug (with the exception of laundry) in order to snuggle into my house and creative room and just do "fun Jann things."

I went to the crop Friday night at Scrap It....which was wonderful. It was quiet -- like everyone was very contemplative. Most folks stayed away because of the snow scare -- so it was more intimate and I have to say that I quite enjoyed the lack of hustle and bustle. I got a couple of pages done in the "Treasure of Firsts" book for my friend Summer...which made me feel great. Ann had these great new embellies from 7 Gypsies that are REALLy arrows -- but in my mind are "spinners" so I went a little nuts and got one of each. I think I have a new addiction to 7 Gypsies things. I also splurged and got one of their kits -- which when I got home had some many wonderful "surprises" in it that I had to start thinking about what to do with it all. Also, I won the door prize at the crop -- which was a lovely collection of Valentines part of my "fun Jann things" this weekend has been working on valentines for my honey and friends.

I have to say that while I really would have liked to see the snow -- it has still been a great relaxing weekend...which I needed terribly. I probably will return to budgets this evening so that I won't feel like a TOTAL slug. But then...slugs can't be ALL bad because God made 'em for a reason.

Love you all and hope you have a Great Valentine's Day!

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  1. Are you still enjoying your spinner? You should make a larger one for yourself!
    Great to see you Friday night.
    And talking to you this morning.
    Hope your day is wonderful.
    Talk to you soon!


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