Monday, February 20, 2006

YEAH! Budgets are DONE!

There is much joy and celebration in my house tonight! My budgets are done, submitted and out of my least for now. Of course, there is the teeny weeny eenincie chance that The Board won't agree with everything I put in my budget -- so I have to leave a tiny crack in the door that would require me to drag them back out and rework them. However, for today....they no longer exist in my world! Woo Hoo!

To celebrate, I came home and did just a quick and fun layout of my dog Anastasia and her personal watering dish...better known as my backyard fountain! It was fun and came together quickly...not the most sophisticated thing I have ever done -- but it gave me satisfaction to be able to say that I finished my budgets AND did a whole page lo in one day.

I'm queen of my wooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrld!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Now I KNOW we were meant to be friends. You have a cocker spaniel! I have two of them. Maxie and Betty Boop. I'll have to post some pictures of them on my blog, but I have to wait until their go to Doggie Doos and get their hair done. They are looking a might bit shaggy!

  2. I love the layout!
    Perfect paper and details.
    Thanks for the praise about my signs.
    The Daisy D's one makes me smile!
    Glad your budgets are done!
    Yes, grocery budgets can overlap into scrapbooking budgets.
    Do you think Royce will notice when you start eating dinner at his house every night and he takes you to lunch every day and you keep creating fabulous pages?!
    I hope you have a wonderful day.
    Would you pray for us tomorrow morning? The Kelly's need it!

  3. Oh I love that dog! I just want to play with her. You are a very talented woman AND you brought a lot of smiles to the crop Saturday!

  4. Look at you workin' that 8.5x11! GO you! I am not a dog person but I admire your scrappiness. heehee



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