Friday, February 17, 2006

I'll Be Your Huckleberry

For as long as I have known Weston, Tombstone has been his all-time favorite movie. He has also especially had an affinity for Doc Holiday. Tough on the outside -- but a softy at heart. That describes my Weston. Today, he got to BE Doc Holiday...for real.

His high school theater class required him to come "in character" and stay that way all day long -- never breaking character. I am betting he managed that assignment quite nicely. As I took these pics, I saw a younger -- not so rascally or hardened Doc Holiday. It is fun to pretend...and while I guess I would want him to always be the kind of man that will champion "the right" -- I pray that he will not go down the sordid path that made Doc Holiday a lonely, sarcastic man who died too young. Ok enough philosophizing -- it was just fun.

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  1. Cool picture!!!!! Wow - you are good girl! Fun story too. :)

    See ya soon! Can you handle 12 hours of me? heehee


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