Thursday, April 27, 2006

Variation on a Theme

Recently Erin Lincoln posted on her blog about getting a personalized stamp to use on the back of all of her layouts. She even made some of them into "buttons" that she cut out and created a banner for the top of her blog with. (ok 0k..."with which she made a banner for her blog.") I thought it was a really cool idea...and went to check out the stamps. They were a little pricey for I decided to create some for myself. Here is what I came up with so I can punch them out with my 1.25" round punch. You can do it too! (I sound like Christopher Lowell).


  1. I MUST do this! I absolutely love the idea. And I'm glad you have given me permission to scraplift. :)

  2. are too funny with your correct grammar! What a cute idea! Yes, I'm updating! Alright already! Thanks so much for the awesome doodle/idea pad....I LOVE it! You're the best! See ya tomorrow!


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