Saturday, April 15, 2006

Finishing the previous posts

Weird...but it wouldn't let me finish posting the pictures from the mini-book -- so here they are...


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I were the one receiving it. You amaze me. You are no longer allowed to say you are NEW to scrapbooking. You have natural talent!

  2. Jann...amazing you are! (in my best Yoda voice!) I'm so glad I got to see the finished piece and touch it! I hope she will deeply appreciate the love and time this little book represents! I agrre with are so lightyears ahead of where I was at 6 months of scrapbooking! I so enjoy seeing your creations! And it was so good to see you today...have a wonderful trip and I'll talk to you when I return from Birmingham!
    Easter blessings!

  3. fabulous mini album! :D

    have fun in atlanta! hope you'll be back in time for the super crop. :D

    thanks again for the little flowers. can't wait to use them. :D

  4. This book is fantastic!
    I know Summer will treasure it forever!
    Thanks for hanging with me today!
    I will miss you!


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