Thursday, April 06, 2006

New Hawaii Pages

I am so excited about the special events going on at Scrap It! during CK Conference here in Nashville the end of this month. Are we blessed or what?!?!?

I have worked on a couple of layouts from our Hawaii pictures...thought I would share. This layout to the left, called Viewpoint, is based on a funny experience during our trip. We were driving all the way around the island and we saw this beautiful scene of the mountain falling into the water. We stopped to take a picture (the adults) -- but the boys found something else much more fascinating -- a coconut. So I made a mini-book of the boys attacking the coconut. If you are interested, the basic lo is from the mini-book I posted the very end.

This one on the right just gives me a warm feeling. We were so excited that Weston got to go with us...Last year, Weston made the choice not to travel with us because he didn't want to get behind in some classes he was having to work hard in. I was so impressed at the time that a 14 yr old could make that grown up of a decision. It kind of made this year all the sweeter when he got to go with us. This lo was designed to celebrate that.

Sorry I am not being more chatty -- have a migraine and can't seem to get rid of it. More later...


  1. Anonymous11:24 PM

    This is great, Jan! I love the second one I haven't gotten to touch yet! You are amazing girlfriend!

  2. You are a scrappin' genius!
    I love them both, especially the one of Royce and Weston.
    What did he say about it?
    Talk to you soon!

  3. Beautiful!!!! What a picture!

    Sorry I missed cropping with you. Even though I'm not a fan of crops, I am a fan of yours!

  4. Okay that didn't make sense - I mean, I am your fan. As in, I like to hang with you.

    Okay nevermind. heehee

    PS - I'm surprisingly chipper for someone who just almost got blown away, eh?


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