Saturday, April 29, 2006


loves blue glass bottles. My friends that went to the ScrapEtc! events have been talking about some of what Heidi Swapp shared during her classes about the SHE concept. I LOVE it -- not because I am self-centered (at least I hope not) -- but because it has challenged me to think about what I would want people to know about me in the future when I am not longer around to tell them.

Perhaps it is kind of a goofy thing that I would want them to know that I LOVE blue glass bottles...but the thing I do want them to know is that, on occasion, I had enough sense to slow down and notice the beauty of God's creation around me. I love how sunlight looks filtered through blue glass...and if I can put a single flower in it -- I love it even more.

Ok...enough about me. What is the one kind of goofy thing that you love that you would want future generations to know about you...and why?


  1. I love the blue glass.
    My mom had a lot of wonderful colored glass so I really appreciate it.
    I look forward to learning more about "she"!

  2. I love the blue glass too...I have one bottle...don't want to really collect 'em, just look at the one, but it is pretty! Never really been a cllector of things.....till scrapbooking! UGH!
    Crankin' out "using" up the collection!


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