Friday, November 24, 2006

The Grassy Knoll

November 22, 1963 was a sad day for America. Just as we remember where we were when the tragedy of 9/11 struck...and when the shuttle Columbia fell from the sky...those of us around the age of 45 and older also remember where we were when JFK was shot in Dallas. For me, I was with my new parents (I had just been adopted) in Iowa...and what I remember is seeing my mother staring at the TV screen and crying. This was something that she didn't normally do -- so even at my young age I knew something wasn't right.
Royce thought it was really strange that I had grown up in Dallas and never gone down to the Sixth Floor Museum or to Dealy Plaze and the "grassy knoll." I think growing up in Dallas it was just such a tragic memory that Dallasites wanted to forget. However, I have always watched all the specials on TLC and Discovery or CNN about JFK's assasination -- and about the Warren Commission. We decided to take Weston down there today...and it was fun to see his brain turn into high gear and try to figure out what all of America still ponders..."were there two gunmen or just one?" Because I could be an eternal student, I love when Weston gets curious about things -- it challenges me to do my research...and try to find answers to his questions.
Although touring the museum was very sobering (much like when I visted Auschwitz several years ago) -- I am really glad we did this today. Weston was old enough to appreciate what had happened...and it made something that he had only heard about in a "boring history class" (his words) come to life and real...and I think for the first time he realized that history might not be as boring as it seems. He bought a paper and sat on the grass on this pretty day and read and read and read. It was a good time to get pictures of him un-observed...and also a great memory from our trip to Dallas. I am headed back to Nashville in the morning...and Weston and Royce will be going on to East Texas to visit some more relatives.
Hope your day after Thanksgiving was great...that you found great sales...or recovered from the extra "stuffing" or that you discovered something new.

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  1. so glad you had a wonderful thanksgiving:) :)


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